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Meet Carolyn E.

Northern Sydney, NSW

“Believe that you are worth it right this second, because your very next move will make all the difference!”

More about Me

Due to health reasons I joined WW to start my weight loss journey. One thing I learnt is that these things can take time, but I'm all about doing things in the now and not waiting till tomorrow. I am big on self-belief and feeling confident that you can live a healthier life. Let's build on that mantra together to empower you in your life.

Year I became a WW coach: 2009

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 6pm, Wednesday 2pm & 8:30pm.

Meet Cassandra B.

Mid North Coast, NSW

“Don't watch life happen, be a part of it!”

More about Me

A creative mum of four, who loves to cook and craft. I joined WW to be confident enough to be a part of life, instead of sitting on the sidelines watching it all happen. We all deserve health and happiness. Lets work together to make that happen and achieve those goals!

Year I became a WW coach: 2015

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Tuesday 11:30am & 7:30pm, Wednesday 10:30pm, Friday 11am & 12pm, Saturday 10am, 11am & 12pm

My Virtual Peer Groups schedule (AEDT): ‘In my 30s’ Wednesday 9:30pm

Meet Rose F.

Melbourne, VIC

"To inspire those around me to live a long, healthy life.”

More about Me

I am a dedicated married mother of three, at the core of my “why”, is a cherished focus on my family. I am firmly grounded in the belief that a strong "why" acts as an anchor, guiding us toward overall well-being.

One of my key strengths lies in assisting members to identify areas where they may need additional support throughout their personal journeys. My coaching style is described as being authentic, whilst having a vibrant energy that uplifts and motivates.

If you seek an immersive experience strengthened by a welcoming community, I invite you to join my workshop.

Together, let us embark on a transformative journey towards embracing health, happiness and a balanced life.

Year I became a WW coach: 2019

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Tuesday 12pm, Wednesday 12:30pm, Friday 1:30pm, Saturday 3pm

Meet Karen R.

Melbourne, VIC

“Priorities are different for everyone. Together lets find the plan that will work best for you.”

More about Me

As a mother to two teenage girls and carer for an elderly parent, I understand how a busy life can stop you achieving your weight loss goal. I’ll show you how cooking, walking and meal planning can transform your life whilst still being fun. It's about trusting the process and believing in yourself. I believe in you!

Year I became a WW coach: 2014

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 7pm, Thursday 7:30pm

Meet Clair P.

Melbourne, VIC

“Join me to learn how to reach those milestones without giving up the things you love!”

More about Me

I'm a Coach, wife and mum to 3 beautiful teenage girls. I love to walk my dog everyday; hit the gym regularly and spend tons of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. I joined WW to get healthier and live life to the full let me help you do the same.

Year I became a WW coach: 2018

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 8:30pm In my 40"s (Peer Group), Wednesday 7:30pm

Meet Kimberly K.

Christchurch, SI

“I'm here for you, let's tackle those goals one healthy habit at a time!”

More about Me

I am a stay at home mum with two very busy boys and a daughter. I love sewing, knitting, quilting, travel, yoga and spending time with family. For me it's important to maintain a balance in life, to be confident with who I am and happy with my lifestyle choices. Let's make you the priority and help you on your wellness journey.

Year I became a WW coach: 2018

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 10:30pm, Thursday 8pm, Saturday 10:30am

My Virtual Peer Groups schedule (AEDT): ‘Master the Weekend’ Friday 8pm, ‘New Zealand’ Saturday 8:30am, ‘Lifetime Member at Goal’ Saturday 9:30am

Meet Carmen H.

Central Tablelands, NSW

“Let me make you feel confident in the clothes you wear!”

More about Me

I enjoy aerobics, walking my dog, circuit training and the odd sauvignon blanc - who doesn’t! I joined WW to look and feel good in my clothes, it worked for me and I want to show you how it can work for you. My Coaching style is inspirational and playful, so let’s have some fun whilst getting fit. Let's feel confident together!

Year I became a WW coach: 2009

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Sunday 11am, Tuesday 8pm & 11pm, Friday 10am

Meet Lisa V.

Melbourne, VIC

“Wellbeing is an interaction of all elements of life. Let me help you develop sustainable life habits that support you forever.”

More about Me

When I’m not coaching, you'll find me juggling the demands of a busy household filled with an energetic, loving family. I enjoy time with family, socialising with my friends, reading and training for marathons. WW is great as it allows me to maintain my wellbeing whilst feeling confident in my own skin. Let me assist you in achieving your goals.

Year I became a WW coach: 2015

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 8:30pm, Thursday 11am

My Virtual Peer Groups schedule (AEDT): ‘Women with Menopause’ Monday 9:30pm, ‘Over 60s’ Thursday 12:30pm, ‘Over 50 and fabulous’ Thursday 7:30pm

Meet Deb W.

Auckland, NI

“Youth isn't a time of life, it's a state of mind.”

More about Me

I joined WW in 2014 because I was the eternal diet junkie. After I got married I tried every fad out there to lose weight. Nothing was working, so I tried WW and found the key to unlocking my weight loss. I love walking this very private journey with members who are determined to change their lives.

Year I became a WW coach: 2014

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Monday 8am, 11:30am & 8pm, Wednesday 10am & 11:30am, Saturday 11:30am & 1:30pm

Meet Jessica S.

Sydney, NSW

“My mission is to support our members to believe in themselves, focus on their ‘why’ and work towards the best version of themselves and the life they deserve.”

More about Me

I am first and foremost a dedicated Mum and wife Who is career driven with a genuine passion for coaching. I believe that everyone can achieve their health and well-being goals by focusing on what’s important to them, understanding what motivates and works for them and planning to make small shifts that will lead to big changes.

My strength as a coach is my compassion, empathy, and belief in everyone’s ability to create positive, purposeful change in their lives. At the core of my coaching philosophy is the science of behaviour change and the evidence and research I am passionate of the Weight watchers’ program and its liveability, its practicality and its accessibility. I have been told that my passion as a coach is infectious and that my energy and enthusiasm for the program creates a fun, positive and sometimes funny and humorous approach to the process.

I welcome all to join my workshop and can guarantee an inclusive, supportive, informative, and practical approach to joining a community that will uplift and inspire you on your very important and individualised health journey. I look forward to seeing you online and let’s do this together!

Year I became a WW coach: 2021

My Virtual Workshop schedule (AEDT): Thursday 6:30pm