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Introducing the

A new initiative to empower community leaders and break down the barriers to wellness—for everyone.

Every community deserves the resources for healthy living, but in the reality of today’s world, not every community has access to them.

With the WW Wellness Impact Award, we’re aiming to uplift community-led solutions by selecting two organisations to receive a $20,000 grant.

Meet the 2021 winners!

The Mums Clique

Why we love them: The Mums Clique is New Zealand’s first charity with a primary focus on creating a community for women on their motherhood journey. The Mums Clique provides support on a nationwide level to mothers at every age and stage. From providing essential items, to counselling and facilitating friendship inside “The Haven” (our Community Centre for women and their families). We do whatever is needed for our mums, because The Mums Clique is there for you, before you even know you need us.

"Being the first charity in New Zealand with a primary focus on the wellness of women throughout their motherhood journey, here at The Mums Clique it is our role to be the pillar in our community. Providing support on a nationwide level to mothers at every age and stage. The support of WW and the Wellness Impact Award will enable us to continue to provide our support services to families who need us."

Community Friends

Why we love them: Community friends aim to improve homeless individual’s physical and mental well-being, whilst increasing their safety, security, and general health via the provision of food, clothes, blankets, housing and other materials. In 2011 we gave away over 5000 meals. In 2012, we increased that to 25,000 meals. In 2013 we gave away over 50,000 meals.Today, we continue to give tens of thousands of meals away each year with 200 – 300 people relying on Community Friends each week for food, clothing and to keep themselves warm.

“We are committed to helping homeless and disadvantaged people of Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We currently give out over 1200 meals each week but have often run out of food due to not having the means to collect food donations from supermarkets. This award is going to make a big difference in allowing us to provide more healthy meals and groceries to more people in need.”

Thank you to all of our inspiring finalists:
Active Farmers, Everybody eats, Nutrition Plus and Te rau ora.
Head to their websites if you wish to show your support for these inspiring organisations!

Questions? We have answers!

Yes! You do not need to be a WW member to vote for the Wellness Impact Award organisations.

You may only vote once.

Team WW

The voting window closes on May 31, 2021.

Team WW

The $20,000 grant can be used towards program, operating and/or marketing costs. The funds may not be used for lobbying or political purposes.

Team WW

Winners will be selected by popular vote from the WW community. The winning organisations for Australia and New Zealand will be announced in June.

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