Healthy Weight Range Chart


Are you a healthy weight for your height?


See below for the recommended minimum and maximum weight ranges for height in cms and weight in kg within a healthy BMI.

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Metric Measurement

Height Without Shoes

Healthy Weight Range (Min/Max)

148 cm

44-55 kg

150 cm

45-56 kg

152 cm

46-58 kg

154 cm

47-59 kg

156 cm

49-61 kg

158 cm

50-62 kg

160 cm

51-64 kg

162 cm

52-66 kg

164 cm

54-67 kg

166 cm

55-69 kg

168 cm

56-71 kg

170 cm

58-72 kg

172 cm

59-74 kg

174 cm

61-76 kg

176 cm

62-77 kg

178 cm

63-79 kg

180 cm

65-81 kg

182 cm

66-83 kg

184 cm

68-85 kg

186 cm

69-86 kg

188 cm

71-88 kg

190 cm

72-90 kg

192 cm

74-92 kg

194 cm

75-94 kg

196 cm

77-96 kg

200 cm

80-100 kg

202 cm

82-102 kg

204 cm

83-104 kg


WW Healthy Weight Ranges are general recommendations for men and women. If you have specific health issues or fall outside our height ranges, we recommend that you discuss a suitable weight range with your GP.

BMI exception: As everyone is built differently, and some people may have a heavier muscle mass than others, a BMI reading may not always be the best indicator of weight status. Use the BMI as a guide and if you are concerned, ask your doctor for help.

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