Shopping guide: Easter chocolates

Enjoy your favourite treats over the holidays with our Easter chocolate SmartPoints® guide.
Published 4 April 2019

It’s that time of the year when we bring our friends and families together to celebrate all the traditions of the Easter holiday: sharing good times, great food and Easter chocolate! Whether you like eggs or bunnies, hollow or filled, you can enjoy your favourite Easter chocolate with a little planning—made simple with our handy SmartPoints guide. So now we’ve got your Easter supermarket search sorted, you can relax and enjoy the egg hunt at home with loved ones!


Filled eggs

Member tip: "Filled eggs usually have more SmartPoints than hollow eggs due to the creamy filling. I prefer to choose hollow eggs" - Kate L L

Premium chocolate

Member tip: "When eating chocolate I choose quality over quantity. I prefer to have one Lindt ball vs the cheaper easter eggs because it’s more satisfying." -Jane S

Bagged eggs

Member tip: "It can be easy to keep eating mini eggs! I count them out and put the bag away so I'm not tempted to mindlessly grab more." -Emma L


Member tip: "I can easily eat my way past the bunny ears! My tip is to break off a portion rather than keep nibbling away." - Sarah G

SmartPoints of different sized Easter eggs