Shop smart guide: Hot drinks

Compare the SmartPoints® values of our favourite hot drinks.
Published 2 August 2018

Hot drinks guide and comparison


When the temperature drops, a warm-up of your favourite drink is the best way to cosy up. And with these delicious eating out and low SmartPoints options, it doesn't have to compromise your health and wellness goals.


SmartPoints of hot drinks from the supermarket


Supermarket hot drinks

Woolworths Select Hot Chocolate - 3 SmartPoints (150ml)

Jarrah Classic hot choc - 2 SmartPoints (200ml)

Avalanche Sugar-Free Drinking Chocolate - 0 SmartPoints prepared with 200ml hot water

Jarrah Chai Latte Vanilla Spice - 3 SmartPoints (170ml)


Supermarket coffee

Nescafé Coffee Sachets Skim Cappucino - 2 SmartPoints (150ml)

Moccona Classic Instant Coffee - 1 SmasrtPoints (250ml) prepared with ¼ cup skim milk

Aldi Alcafe Coffee Sachets, Strong Cappuccino, 99% Fat-Free - 2 SmartPoints (150ml)

Nescafé Coffee Sachets Skim Mocha - 3 SmartPoints (150ml)


SmartPoints of hot drinks from your favourite café


Generic café

Regular skim coffee, such as cappuccino, flat white or latte, no sugar - 3 SmartPoints (250ml)

Regular hot chocolate with skim milk, no sugar - 8 SmartPoints (205ml)

Regular chai latte with skim milk, no sugar - 7 SmartPoints (250ml)


Chain café

Gloria Jean’s White Chocolate Mocha, regular, skim milk - 13 SmartPoints (324ml)

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate, tall, skim milk - 19 SmartPoints (354ml)

Muffin Break Chai Latte, regular, full-fat milk - 12 SmartPoints (300ml)


Is it true that hot drinks can ease a cold?

If you’ve ever wondered if a hot drink can help ease cold and flu symptoms, it might – if you think it will. UK researchers who gave sick people a drink that was either hot or room temperature found that the people who drank the hot drink experienced greater relief than those served the cooler drink. But when nasal airflow was measured, symptoms weren't significantly improved at all. So why did participants report feeling better? It may be the placebo effect: participants expected symptom relief – particularly from the hot drink. Whatever the temperature, keep well-hydrated for a speedy recovery.