Exclusive Lifetime member event | WW NZ

Exclusive Lifetime member event

Learn all about how our new PersonalPoints program will continue to support you living at goal.

Join our live event just for Lifetime members

In this event you will:

  • Hear how our New PersonalPoints Program can support you living at goal
  • Explore key features of the WW App to support you with maintaining your goal weight
  • Learn tips and tricks from our trained Coaches to help you continue to build healthy habits.

Lifetime member event schedule

18th February

2:00 pm

19th February

3:00 pm

25th February

2:00 pm

Free 14 day trial* of the WW App

We want you to have the opportunity to see for yourself how much the PersonalPoints program is a game-changer. That’s why we are offering Lifetime members an exclusive, free 14 day trial* of WW’s award-winning app.

Benefits of the WW App:

  • Know your PersonalPoints. Complete the assessment to know how many PersonalPoints you will have to maintain your goal weight.
  • More ways to earn Points. On the WW app you’ll earn Points for eating non-starchy veggies—plus water and activity.
  • Easier tracking. When you sync your fitness device to the WW app, any Points you earn from activity will be added to your weekly Budget automatically. Nothing for you to do!
  • The program in your pocket. Everything you need to stay on track—literally—is in the palm of your hand.
  • Customisable meal plans. Choose one of our pre-made plans or create your own!
  • Recipes based on what you have on hand. You tell us what’s in your fridge, we’ll suggest delicious meals.
  • Our famous barcode scanner. A member fave! Scan a nutrition label, see the Points. So fast, so fun.

*T&Cs Apply

Hear from other Lifetime members

"I love this new app, so motivating! As soon as I started it, I was off and loving it. I like how I see my points with no guessing, then when I eat more veg, I earn more Points. I feel so in control. I am drinking more water, not to mention the ZeroPoint foods making it so easy to put together a meal. I have been a WW member for 32 years and didn't use the app before as I thought I knew it all. But I gave this one a go and love, love it, the best choice I made for myself.” Amy

"Even though I am at goal, I am still loving WW. I have logged onto the app and put in my food and water and it's nice to finally see my activity points and use the 'What's in the fridge' feature. I have walked with some of the Walking sessions and also enjoyed the recorded mindset sessions." Trish

How to join the Lifetime member event

All our WW Live events are hosted on Zoom, a safe, free video conference platform allowing people to connect all over the world.

1. Register by clicking on the link to the session you want to attend in the table above.

2. Check your inbox (and spam folder!) for confirmation of your registration.

3. This email will include your unique link to join the session.


Lifetime member event:

It will run for 2 weeks from the 25th October until the 7th November. Check out the timetable for exact times it will be run.

Yes you can interact by asking questions verbally or by using the chat function in Zoom.

Yes the benefits of Zoom is that as long as you have internet access, you are able to join from anywhere.

Only if you want them to. You can choose to have your camera on or off. The choice is yours.

The exclusive Lifetime member event will run for two weeks. You can register for another one if there are sessions still available, by clicking on the registration link in the schedule table above.

45-60 minutes.

This event is only for WW Lifetime members . The link you receive when you register cannot be shared with other people.

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email after you register which will provide instructions on how to join the event and the link to join the session at the allocated time.

14 day free app trial:

This offer is exclusive to Lifetime members at goal who do not currently have an eTools membership. If you are not a Lifetime member or currently have access to the WW app, you are not able to take up this offer.

If you do not cancel before the end of the 14 day free trial period, you will be charged the Lifetime member eTools membership price which is $27.90 per month.

Yes you can contact our customer service team to cancel at any time within the first 14 days. Cancel your membership by simply calling us or chatting via the WW app or website during business hours.

You are not locked into any timeframe, however the contract will be for a month for each billing period. You can cancel at any time.

There is nothing you need to do. You will be automatically billed for a month and the WW app will remain.

After the 14 days, if you do not cancel, you will be automatically billed for 1 month of the Lifetime member eTools membership ($27.90/month) on the card you have nominated to ensure that there is no disruption to your experience.

The billing will be in Australian dollars (AUD).