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What happens at a WW Workshop?

If you’re yet to visit a WW Studio, you may have wondered how it works. Here’s a rundown of what to expect at a typical weekly Workshop — from private coaching to lively group discussions.
Published 17 February 2019

WW Workshops for Every Body


Weekly WW Workshops (once known as a Weight Watchers meeting), is just one aspect of WW that has undergone a refresh. Once upon a time, members would visit a Weight Watchers centre or hall, weigh in on the scales, set a goal for the week ahead and then the Coach would run them through a discussion on various program-related topics.

These days a WW Studio visit takes a more holistic form—one that inspires long term behavioural change among members, rather than focusing primarily on weight loss.

Here’s what happens:


1. Wellness check-in

On arrival, you’re greeted by your WW Coach, who chats to you about your progress over the past week. Known as a Wellness Check-in, this one-on-one session allows you to reflect on what’s going well and what’s challenging you. You'll set your intentions for the week ahead. Your Coach will ask whether or not you want to weigh in on the scales. It’s entirely up to you—and, if you choose to weigh yourself, the numbers are seen only by you and your Coach. It’s a completely private and confidential process.


2. Chat to fellow members

While the Coach continues their Wellness Check-ins, you can sit back and catch up with the other members in your group. Some might be long-time WW members; others might just be starting their journey and are keen to pick up tips and strategies from more experienced members. It's a friendly and supportive community to share, motivate and inspire each other. Some members arrange walking groups, meet ups and coffee catch ups that you can take part of. Another great way to keep connected to the WW Community is with Connect via the WW member app. Follow members and share your journey in our private community. It's like Instagram for WW members!


3. WW Workshop

Once everyone has checked in, the WW Coach leads a 20 to 30 minute workshop on a topic related to healthy living and behavioural change. One week you might discuss how to prepare healthy meals; another week, you might work on building your self-confidence.


What do Coaches say about WW Workshops?


WW Coach Marie Petersen says that Check-ins and Workshops encourage action-oriented discussion across the three pillars of the WW program: Food, Movement and Mindset —with the latter a particularly crucial ingredient when it comes to improving your wellbeing.

“I think what’s great about the WW Workshops is that they equip members with the belief and confidence in themselves that they can achieve anything,” she says. “I can give them all sorts of tools relating to nutrition and activity, but I believe it all comes down to having the right mindset. Once they have that, they’re on their way to living a vibrant, thriving and healthy life.”

Petersen explains that not all members attend Workshops—digital members prefer the convenience of keeping in touch with a WW Coach and fellow members in a virtual setting. However, those that do choose to attend Workshops also have the option to switch up the day or location to suit their lifestyle.

“Research shows that members who attend Workshops are more likely to succeed than those who don’t,” Petersen says. “It’s such a great source of support.”


What do members think of WW Workshops?


WW member Fiona Kent has been a regular WW Workshop attendee since January 2018, encouraged by her sister’s experience with the program. “It’s a nice community with a very positive environment,” she says of the WW Studio she checks in to every Saturday morning. “It’s a good touch-point before I head into the following week.”

For Eliza Griffiths, WW Workshops have been an essential part of her journey, during which she has lost 34kg and been recognised as a member success story at the Victoria WW Coach seminar in 2018. “At the beginning, when I felt like I had a long way to go, the other members were lovely and so supportive,” she says. “The sessions are interactive and encourage everyone to take part, whether it’s writing something down or having a conversation about the topic we’re covering. And it’s particularly helpful if you don’t have a support network outside the group, to have other people reassuring you that they’re going through the same things you are.”

It’s this community element that makes returning member Julie Morris eager to never miss her weekly WW Workshop, which she’s been attending since July 2018. “It keeps me focused,” she says. “The group is very supportive, friendly and open. The Wellness Check-ins are individualised and personal—and I like that the numbers on the scale are no longer the focus.”