Walking fitness plan

Want to be a walker but don’t know where to start? This 4 week plan will get you going.
Published 26 June 2018

Beginners walking fitness plan

Walking plan

If you’re new to exercise or want to become a walker then this plan’s for you! It’ll ease you into it and progress your walking fitness as you get going. For variety, spice it up by walking with a friend, listening to music or podcasts.

How it works?

Walking can burn as many kilojoules as slow jogging. In fact, brisk walking burns about the same number of kilojoules per kilometre as slow jogging – but it obviously takes longer to cover the same distance if you walk. Walking is also kinder to joints as it’s lower impact. This plan will introduce you to walking, get you fitter and healthier, and help you lose weight.

What to expect?

This plan will take you from the couch to 30 minutes of walking in just 4 weeks. If you find the first week too easy, start on another week that matches your current level. And if you’re not ready to move on you can repeat a week. It’s about making it work for you.

Low intensity: No hard breathing, you’re able to talk and sing easily.

Moderate intensity: Puffing slightly, you’re able to have a conversation, but not sing.

High intensity: You’re huffing and puffing, and only able to talk briefly.

Warm up and cool down

Remember to warm up and cool down before and after every session. Start off and finish at a slower pace and do a range of static stretches afterwards (holding stretch still), especially for the lower body. Hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds until you feel some resistance. Ideal stretches include quad stretches for the front of the thigh, hamstring stretches for the back of the thigh and calf muscles, and abductor stretches for the outer thigh and bottom.