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Mojito-style melon salad

Total Time
18 min
18 min
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We were wowed by this recipe. It is inspired by the classic Cuban cocktail, using a mix of fresh melon, mint, sugar, lime juice, and lime zest. The result is a salad that is so flavorful, simple and refreshing that we'll be making it all summer long. When selecting honeydew and cantaloupe melons, look for ones with a fragrant aroma coming from the stem. For variety, try replacing some of the cantaloupe or honeydew with seedless watermelon. Or create a different flavor altogether by combining diced strawberries and peaches with orange juice and peel instead of the lime. Diced nectarines and raspberries with lemon juice and peel are also tasty. Be sure to save some mint leaves for garnish.


Honeydew melon

2 cup(s), ball(s), diced


2 cup(s), diced, diced


3 Tbsp, divided

Lime zest

2 tsp, freshly grated

Fresh lime juice

2 Tbsp

Peppermint leaves

2 Tbsp, fresh, slivered


  1. In a medium bowl, combine honeydew, cantaloupe, 2 tablespoons of sugar, lime zest and juice, and slivered mint. Refrigerate 15 minutes, tossing occasionally, until sugar dissolves and mixture is well chilled.
  2. When ready to serve, spread remaining tablespoon of sugar onto a flat plate. Pour a little water into a shallow bowl and dip rim of each of 4 wine or martini glasses into water; press wet rims into sugar to coat edge of each glass. Spoon 1 cup of fruit mixture into each glass; garnish with mint sprigs. Yields 1 cup per serving.