Luncheonette-style club sandwiches with lemon-basil mayo

Total Time
21 min
15 min
6 min
Lemon and basil join forces to elevate the flavor of this classic diner sandwich. Thinly sliced chicken, turkey bacon, crisp Romaine lettuce, and slices of fresh tomato round out this sandwich. Beefsteak tomatoes are a great choice for sandwiches, with their fresh flavor and large size. Sprinkle them with a little cracked black pepper, if you like. While we opted for lemon and basil in the flavored mayo, you can swap in rosemary, basil, or thyme or mix in paprika or cayenne pepper. Toast the bread and serve the sandwiches in quarters secured with toothpicks for a nod to a traditional diner lunch.


Fat free mayonnaise

3 Tbsp


2 Tbsp, chopped fresh

Lemon zest

½ tsp, grated

Reduced-calorie oatmeal bread

6 slice(s), toasted

Cooked boneless skinless chicken breast(s)

¼ pound(s), thinly sliced

Fresh tomato(es)

2 medium, sliced

Cooked turkey bacon

4 slice(s), broken in half

Romaine lettuce

34 gm, 2 leaves


  1. Stir together mayonnaise, basil, and lemon zest in small bowl until blended.
  2. Lay slices of bread on work surface; spread evenly with mayonnaise mixture. Top 2 slices of bread with chicken and tomatoes, dividing evenly. Top each with another slice of bread, mayonnaise side up, bacon, and lettuce leaf. Cover with remaining slices of bread, mayonnaise side down.
  3. With serrated knife, cut each sandwich into quarters and secure with decorative wooden picks.
  4. Per serving: 2 sandwich quarters