Onboarding Day 8 Check in pretty good landing page | WW USA



You had a good week!

You’re making better choices and getting off to a great start.

The skills you’re learning now will set you up for long-term success.

Keep the momentum going!
  1. Track. 
    You’ll hear us say it a lot, and here’s why:
    It’s the #1 tool for losing weight—and keeping it off—for the long haul.
  2. Celebrate progress.
    Perfection doesn’t exist. Focus on what’s going well, rather than what didn’t go as planned. It’s a much more helpful way of thinking.
  3. Connect.
    Share your success on Connect!
    Your words might be just what someone needs today.

We’ll check back next week

In the meantime, keep being kind to yourself. It’s not woo-woo nonsense; research shows that how you think about yourself—and this journey—is tied directly to weight loss.

Every step gets you closer to your goals.