Success Stories

Sarah: Healthy picnics? No sweat!

Sarah’s love of junk food led to her piling on the pounds, but after rediscovering a love of cooking, she’s more than 5st lighter, and now her whole family’s enjoying healthy days out

Sarah's story

Weight loss: 5st 7lb 
Start weight: 14st 5lb
Current weight: 8st 12lb
Goal weight: 9st 5lb
Age: 33
Height: 5ft 4in
Time taken so goal: 7 months
Meeting: Hendon
Coach: Judy Silkoff

I love knowing our kids will grow up with a positive attitude towards food

Unhealthy relationship with food

I used to have an unhealthy relationship with food. I’d ‘fill up' on junk, but never actually feel full. But when I was expecting my first child, Lior, I started eating even more than usual – I was going to get bigger anyway, right? I was in total denial about gaining too much weight.

Getting to goal!

After years of yo-yo dieting and the birth of my second child, Elise, I was at my heaviest. I didn’t think I could find a diet that worked for me, but my mum talked me into trying Weight Watchers. I joined in February, changed my approach to food, and got to goal seven months later!

Rediscovering my love of cooking

Summer used to be especially difficult. With so many family events and barbecues, it was hard not to gain weight – especially considering I’d fill my plate with chips, full-fat coleslaw, salads loaded with creamy dressings and plenty of pudding. But with Weight Watchers, I rediscovered my love of cooking and found I could make healthier versions of all our summertime favourites, so I didn’t have to miss out.

No Count is great for picnics

Now, it’s great to be able to go on picnics and still eat well. Instead of stodgy snacks, I make sure I pack houmous and raw veggies, wholemeal pittas filled with roast turkey, and lots of fruit like grapes and blueberries. No Count is also a great option for picnics, as you don’t have to weigh or track what you’re eating, you can just eat until you’re content.

Positive attitude to food

My husband, Nir, also joined Weight Watchers, so summertime is even easier now. I love knowing our kids will grow up with a positive attitude towards food, and that even when it comes to days out, we can stay healthy and on track.