Lindsay: Cooking helped me feel more confident!

Night shifts were an excuse for Lindsay to tuck into unhealthy snacks and treats. But since discovering her love of cooking, she’s making smarter choices. And since losing over 6st, she’s more confident than ever…
Published 23 April, 2018
"Joining WW was the first step to a healthier lifestyle"

Start weight: 15st 11lb | Weight loss:  6st 1lb 
Current weight: 9st 10lb 
Height: 5' 5" |  Age: 34
Studio: St John’s Training Centre, Newmarket
Wellness Coach: Jess Moore, Helen Self 

Working as a hospitality assistant

means unsociable hours, and I’d spend them snacking on crisps, chocolate and sweets, often ending my evening shift with a ready-meal at home. Even on days off, I’d tuck into huge portions of pasta. My weight crept up, until I was living in baggy clothes and hiding away from cameras on holiday.

Joining WW

was the first step to a healthier lifestyle. I was terrified and worried I was too stuck in my ways, but my Coach helped me understand that planning is key. I started to meal plan, batch cook and make healthy snacks for work. I even bought a few recipe books and gadgets, like a soup maker, to stay inspired in the kitchen.

Getting my eating habits

under control changed my life. I cook all the time now, and making smarter choices helped me get to goal. I’m also more confident. After reaching goal, I went to a friend’s wedding and was comfortable posing in photos with the girls. It felt amazing – I’m never going back!