Kirsty: I lost over 8st and found my happy

Kirsty is now healthier, happier – and more than 8st lighter!
Published 27 November, 2015


Kirsty, 30

Lost: 8st 6lb

Height: 5'3" Start weight: 18st 5lb
Current weight: 9st 13lb

It’s seven years since the start of Kirsty's epic journey, and the road’s been paved with poor health and heartbreak. But now she’s healthier, happier – and more than 8st lighter!

Tiredness takes its toll on your body

I was a slim, active teen, but at 18 I started work and quit smoking, and food became my focus. After a day working as a sales assistant, I could never be bothered to cook. But soon, I was so big I couldn't run for the bus. When I had my son, Larrel, in September 2006, being lazy started to feel less of an option; what kind of example would that set? 

Sometimes a big event can be an eye opener

Shopping for Larrel's christening when he was six months old opened my eyes to my size. It was a big church celebration and I was forced to buy a pair of size 20 black trousers and shirt when I wanted to wear a show-stopping dress. A few months later, I joined WW.

You can't predict the curveballs

I had endometriosis after giving birth – a condition where tissues gather outside the womb and cause pelvic pain – and it took two years to diagnose. All they were concerned about, naturally, was my weight. Then Larrel's dad left me for another woman – someone much slimmer. Boy, that hurt. It was a tough time and I struggled to motivate myself. So I quit WW after a year. 

Patience is definitely a virtue

After an operation to remove the endometriosis in June 2009, I went back to WW. Starting as a size 16, I steadily lost 1-2lb a week. However, a new job checking water filters meant I did hours of walking, and it felt good. I shifted 2st in two years – slow for some, but every single pound lost was hard won and permanent. 

It's no good getting complacent

After a couple of years of meetings, I thought I could do it myself at home. But when nobody's got your back, it's so much easier to fail. Eating takeaways without tracking can be deadly, so back to the meetings I went. 

It's important to take responsibility

I want both Larrel and me to be healthy, so I cook virtually everything from scratch – spaghetti Bolognese, pasta bakes, chicken and rice – and will always pile our plates high with vegetables. Larrel is nine now and he's my biggest motivator – we rollerskate, cycle and swim together. 

Everyone has to find what motivates them

I'm just under my goal weight now and I'm a helper at my meetings. I love talking to new WW Members and showing them my old pictures. Life may be a series of ups and downs but if you push forward, you will get there eventually, just like I did.