Chloe: WW helped me rediscover exercise

New mum Chloe was so busy looking after baby Eleri, she lost her fitness mojo. But joining WW and taking part in the #WW5kMyWay event helped her rediscover her love of exercise
Published 29 May, 2018
"#WW5kMyWay helped me get fit again, and also gave me the confidence to keep it up."
Weight Watchers member Chloe
Weight Watchers member Chloe
Weight Watchers member Chloe
Weight Watchers member Chloe

Start weight: 17st 5lb | Weight loss: 3st 5lb* 
Current weight: 14st 
Height: 5' 8" |  Age: 32
Studio: Pooley Green, Surrey
Wellness Coach: Natalie Kadkol 

Getting active outdoors

Weekends for me are all about family and fun. That usually involves getting active outdoors with my daughter Eleri, three. Getting out and about together for playtime isn’t just a good laugh, it’s a bonding experience and keeps us both healthy. But there was a time before WWw when I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with her!

Cooking from scratch

I first joined in 2011, years before she was born, weighing 15st. Cooking from scratch and using WW recipes was an eye-opener. I went from eating big portions of steak and chips with my husband Dale, to having lean meat and more fruit and veg. I also stopped snacking on so much chocolate, although I still treated myself occassionally.

Fitness was my key

After having Eleri and re-joining WW in 2015, I discovered I wasn’t as fit as I had been before. In fact, I couldn’t even walk at my normal pace. Along with new eating habits and cooking healthier meals from scratch, I knew fitness would be key to my success. To give myself a goal to work towards, I decided to take part in the #WW5kMyWay challenge along with other members from my meeting. I started training, increasing the intensity a little every day. I felt so happy and proud when I reached that finish line!

Being a good role model

Since then, I’ve kept up with my exercise routine and I enjoy feeling strong and fit. In September 2017 I exceeded my own expectations when I ran a 10k in under an hour! It’s been really satisfying to see how my health has improved, especially because being a good role model for Eleri is important to me. She’s delighted too – there’s nothing she loves more than racing her mummy in the park! And yes, I let her win sometimes…

My moments...

It’s been so satisfying to see my health improve. Now I can take part in the fun with my daughter and husband rather than watching from the sidelines.

I’m not just getting healthy for myself – being a good role model for my daughter is really important to me.

I feel stronger and fitter than ever. I need to be to keep up with my daughter!

Eating well and staying active go hand in hand for me now. And the best thing is that my daughter will grow up seeing mummy healthy and happy.

*Chloe has been following the programme since May 2015.