Amy: I lost 4st with the help of my Instagram account

WW Coach and Social Champion Award winner in the 2016 WW awards, Amy, shares her story
Published 27 November, 2016

Amy's story 

Name: Amy
Weight loss: 4st
Start weight: 14st 4lb
Goal weight: 10st 4lb
Current weight: 12st 4lb
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Time taken to goal: 10 months

"I’m now a WW Coach and try to motivate others to do what I did. "

Be motivated by your lightbulb moment After I gave birth to my son, Nicholas, I was huge. As a new mum, I felt overwhelmed and sought refuge in chocolate bars and biscuits. My partner, Michael, kept telling me he loved me for who I was, but I didn’t believe it. It was only when a pair of size-18 jeans didn’t fit me in a changing room one day that I decided enough was enough.

Start a journal – off or online I joined WW and stuck to it like my life depended on it. I’d already started an Instagram account posting snaps of my food (on the basis that if I didn’t want to take a picture of what I was eating, then I shouldn’t be eating it) but it soon developed into more of a weight-loss journal.

Before and after pictures can help Michael took photos of me in my underwear after my weigh-ins and, as the weight dropped off, the comparison shots I posted got the most incredible response. My Instagram followers (now at 18,000) grew as my weight plummeted and people were so supportive. On a bad day, they boosted me; on a good day, they hailed my success.

Believe in your new mindset By the time I walked down the aisle to marry my teenage sweetheart, Michael, in June 2015, my A-line dress was a size 10. I reached goal 10 months after I joined WW and while I regained a little afterwards, I knew I had the tools to find my focus again. Now, I’m a WW Coach and try to motivate others to do what I did. And I’m pregnant for the second time, too, so I’m on a brand new journey – for a happy, healthy pregnancy!

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