Chad Rethorst, PhD

Director, Clinical Research
Published 30 September, 2020

What he does at WW

Chad oversees WW’s academic research partnerships. In collaboration with fellow scientists, he plans and executes trials, then distills the results for WW’s members and the broader scientific community.

His background

Prior to joining WW in 2019, Chad was an associate professor in psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. There, he investigated the role of physical activity in improving mental health and developed programmes to help people get more active. He earned his PhD in kinesiology from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in sport and exercise psychology.

What brought him to WW

According to Chad, in academic research, it’s sometimes difficult to see how your work impacts people in the real world. His role at WW brings together the clinical and the practical: he continues to do the research that he loves, while also knowing that what he learns through that research will help shape the WW weight-loss programme, and ultimately, reach millions of people.

Most exciting part of the job

Chad’s favourite thing is seeing WW’s findings positively transform the lives of its four million members around the world.

Get to know Chad:

  • In his free time: He’s likely playing or watching sports, including watching his two kids play!
  • You might be surprised to learn: Chad played baseball in college. And while his athletic endeavors are more modest now - think rec-league softball, semi-competitive cornhole, and trying to play pickup basketball without getting hurt - he’ll never stop chasing glory.
  • Extreme sport he’d love to try: He has a healthy fear of heights (so skydiving and bungee jumping are out!), but he has been whitewater rafting before and would love to do that again.