7 unusual New Year’s Resolution ideas

Get creative with these unconventional ideas.
Published 12 December, 2018

Are you tired of making the same old New Year’s resolutions? Here are 7 more unconventional promises to keep throughout the year:

1. Get your photo taken in 5 interesting places

This quirky resolution makes a great excuse to get out and about, whether you go adventuring somewhere new with the kids or you jet off to Europe for a long weekend.

2. Try a new food every month

Rather than cutting foods out of your diet, why not add more foods in and try something new each week? The fruit and veg aisle is a great place to start for exotic fare like lychees and dragon fruits.

3. Learn a solid party trick

Mastering a new and impressive skill to show off in front of a crowd doesn’t have to be difficult – keep it simple with a card trick, something verbal like reciting the alphabet backwards or something involving common household objects such as matchsticks and toothpicks.

4. Do something from your childhood

Sometimes it’s good to let loose and forget about adult responsibilities for a while. The best way to do this? Indulge in an activity you used to do as a child – something like rollerblading or spending the afternoon at a floating inflatable obstacle course!

5. Go on a digital hiatus

Are you reading this on your phone? If so, how long have you spent looking at a screen today? Studies show that looking at a screen too much cause sleep disturbance, self-esteem issues and even depression. Try taking a regular hiatus from your smartphone or switch it off completely to give your eyes, brain and thumb a break.

6. Read a book a month

On a related note, why not take all the time you spend on your phone and curl up with a good book instead? Studies show that reading can induce calm and reduce stress, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or you need something to keep your fingers busy, try turning pages instead of scrolling through Instagram.

7. Do something nice for others every day

Many resolutions focus on yourself, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, why not make a promise to help others more? Plan to do one nice thing a day for someone else, from giving a compliment to donating blood. Doing good also makes you feel good, so you could also boost your own happiness and sense of wellbeing in the process.