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Health & safety

The WW program has been developed under the supervision and advice of medical and nutritional experts. The program is designed for a safe rate of weight-loss, which means weight-loss for an average healthy adult of up to a kilogram each week after the first three weeks. Before starting to use the program, you should make sure that you are not underweight.

WW is not a medical organisation, and we can not give you medical advice. WW strongly advises you to consult with your GP or doctor if you have concerns about your health before you sign up for WW.

If you already see your doctor for any condition which requires regular medical checks, and/or if you are taking medicines or drugs prescribed by your doctor and/or if you have been advised to eat a special diet to treat an illness or medical condition, then you must discuss the WW program with your doctor before starting the WW program. Examples of such conditions include: diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, peptic or stomach ulcer, gallstones, kidney stones, and bowel disorders. This list is not exhaustive.

The WW weight-loss system is not suitable for individuals with a recognised eating disorder (eg, anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa).

The WW program is not designed for and is not available to people under the age of 18 years. The WW program is not designed for women who are pregnant.

If you are nursing a child, you may join WW Workshops, providing you get written permission from your doctor and follow the appropriate nutritional advice outlined by your WW Coach.