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NEW! On Point wine

With WW everything is on the menu - and that includes wine!

We are excited to announce the launch of On Point - WW Canada’s first ever SmartPoints-conscious wine.

On Point wines are crafted with the WW member in mind. Each 5 oz serving of Crisp White or Smooth Red is just 3 SmartPoints per 5 oz serving - a perfect fit for your life.

On Point Crisp White

A delightful wine with bright aromas and flavours of citrus and passion fruit with a refreshingly light and crisp finish. Only 3 SmartPoints per 5 oz serving.

Where to buy

Available at Wine Rack locations across the province and the LCBO.
Shop Smooth Red at Wine Rack
Shop Smooth Red at the LCBO

Shop Crisp White at Wine Rack
Shop Crisp White at the LCBO

Available at the NLC.
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On Point is available in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.

On Point will be available nation wide soon!

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Perfectly paired with favourite WW recipes try On Point with these classics.

On Point Smooth Red pairs well with pasta, grilled foods, pizza, and burgers.
On Point Crisp White is the perfect accompaniment for seafood, salads, poultry, and salty snacks.


WW On Point is available in a Crisp White, a delightful wine with bright aromas and flavours of citrus and passion fruit with a refreshingly light and crisp finish, as well as a Smooth Red, a delicious wine featuring dark fruit and plum flavours with a hint of spice and a soft and smooth finish.

WW On Point wine is available at the LCBO and Wine Rack locations across Ontario and in Newfoundland Liquor Stores. It will also be coming to private retailers in British Columbia and Alberta in the fall of 2021.

The SmartPoints value for On Point wine is calculated based on a standard 5 oz serving. You may notice that the Nutritional Facts Table (NFT) label on the bottle lists a default portion of 188 mL, which is not the same as a 5 oz serving. This is because Health Canada requires the NFT for wine to be listed on a 188 mL serving. We have calculated the SmartPoints on a 5 oz serving because that is the most common unit of measure for wine. As a WW member, you can track a 5 oz glass of On Point in your app by scanning the barcode or searching “On Point”.

Yes! On Point has been expertly crafted to have all that you love about red or white wine, but lower SmartPoints. A typical 5 oz serving of wine is between 4-5 SmartPoints, whereas On Point is 3 SmartPoints.

Please enjoy responsibly.