Plan a Recovery Strategy

When (not if!) you slip up, here’s help in getting back on track
Published October 23, 2016


Maybe you’re unexpectedly swamped with work or family obligations. Or you’re finding it hard to kick back into high gear after loosening the reins this summer. Or you had a week of, well, let’s say your Tracker isn’t pretty. Whatever the reason, you’re not sticking so closely to your plan, and it's showing up on the scale. But a slip is no big deal, and that's essential to remember. If you think it _is _a big deal, you may be more likely to throw in the towel, and then it becomes a slide, because it seems too much to overcome. Turning things around is a matter of small steps, laid out in advance. Because the most important thing to remember is that at some point, Everyone. Slips. Up. And the second most important thing to remember is that it’s what you do next that really matters.

Being prepared with a simple plan of action that you’ll fire up in the event of a slip helps you get back in the groove, minus the guilt. Here are some other tactics to have in your back pocket when you need them.

Go back to basics

The first step? Make like a newbie again. When you first made up your mind to join Weight Watchers, you probably loaded up on guides to read, organizational tools, and lots fruits and veggies—not to mention a gung-ho attitude. The excitement of starting something new gives you the drive and motivation to stick with your weight-loss plan. But if you've lost sight of that motivation, become disorganized, misplaced your reading guides, or let your cabinets slowly collect junk food, now is the time to get back on track.

Refresh your plan

Don't underestimate the power of shiny new supplies; it's like back-to-school shopping for grownups! Maybe a magnetic notepad for your fridge door to keep a running grocery list of plan-friendly foods. Or a journal; nothing like opening a fresh book, ready to capture your daily food and drink, inspiring thoughts, and physical activity. Or perhaps a new pair of running shoes are just what you need to get you moving again.

Would a new lunch box encourage you to bring more homemade lunches to work? Don't forget the tools you may have on hand already: Maybe you need to dig out your food scale and measuring cups to restore your portions to their optimal size. Finally, who better to bring you back to the fold than your fellow members? Check out Connect!

Sunday suppers

Sitting down to the table for this meal seems more relaxed, you’re surrounded by friends or family, and the main dish seems to be lavished with extra care and attention. Making it even more special is when that dish is quick-fix like the great options below.