The New Normal Series: Sleep

How to stay on track with your wellness goals as our routines change.
Published August 10, 2021

Sleep is one of the most important elements to achieving a healthy lifestyle, with benefits from good sleep ranging from better moods to weight loss.

As our routines change, you may be finding your sleep schedule is getting disrupted with more social activities or added stresses. But there are things you can do to ensure you get the best possible sleep you can.

“Our sleep is connected to our emotional life, our nourishment, our stress level and physicality,” says Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga and author of Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28 Day Plan for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self-Care.

Form healthy sleep habits

“It’s important to create a good sleep routine and form good habits like putting the devices away before getting into bed, reading a book or doing something relaxing leading up to bedtime,” she says.

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Stiles adds that a strong breath-body connection throughout the day can also help you feel better and sleep better at the end of the day.

Take care of yourself throughout the day

“It’s also important to manage your stress levels during the day by keeping connected to your breath and body during the day. Take movement breaks. Do the simple things you know and love that take good care of you,” she says. “All these simple choices add up to better overall wellness and better sleep.”

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