Member gym bag essentials

Our members share their workout must-haves.
Published June 4, 2017

Getting motivated to hit the gym, go for a run, or take that Zumba class can be a challenge. Take some tips from our members who have made moving more a part of their every day and take a sneak peek into their gym bags!


Morgan, Oshawa, Ontario

@becoming.morgan  on Instagram

I'm a firm believer in working out in clothes that make you feel confident! Sometimes getting the will power to workout is hard, and for me, if my workout clothes are old and ratty and make me feel blah, I don't want to put them on and am even less motivated to get active! Doesn't have to be anything fancy - this top was $7 from Old Navy! Also a good sports bra for us ladies and a dependable pair of socks! The worst thing is going for a run, walk, or hike and your socks falling down or rubbing your heels and giving you blisters. Also in dire need of comfortable shoes, headband to keep my hair back, and great tunes! For post workout, I love using my foam roller!

Bonus picture - my dog’s my favourite workout essential. Here she is begging for her 3rd walk of the day. 

Morgan's Gym EssentialsMorgan's Gym Essentials

David, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

@David3484 on Connect
@mcisaacdavid on Instagram

Fitness has been a big part of my getting healthy. As the weather is getting warmer I moved all my cardio workouts outside and I use the gym now for weight training and toning. I have reached my weight loss goal but still working on my fitness goal of being in the best shape of my life! 

David's workout essentials

Carly, Cambridge, Ontario

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@carlyxquinn on Instagram

Wet wipes and dry shampoo are my saviours for post workout. Also my protein shaker, water bottle and iPod (I'm old fashioned lol).

Carly's workout essentials

Christy, Red Deer, Alberta

@MissChristyMarie on Connect

My essentials for fitness? My ugly, expensive and 100 per cent worth it New Balance runners, my friend Stuart McLean on Vinyl Cafe and water. I don't enjoy exercise, but these three things make getting some activity enjoyable. It's like going for a walk with an old friend.

Christy's workout essentials

Dawn, Trail, British Columbia on Instagram

I'm not a gym lover however I LOVE being active. Every time I exercise (even shovelling snow) I wear my heart rate monitor; it's the best way for me to know my calorie burn! My FlipBelt is the perfect place for me to carry my phone, extra hair ties, gum etc. plus can't even tell I'm wearing it. I always wear my hair up when working out and the True North headbands are amazing for keeping my hair out of my who doesn't love a pretty design. Water is super important so I make sure I always have a water bottle with me or filled waiting for me when I get home! But the most important thing would be my Bluetooth headphones and playlist. If I didn't have those my workouts pretty much wouldn't exist. It helps the time go by plus creating a playlist that fits the activity I'm doing is perfect.

Dawn's Workout Essentials

LeighAnna, Pickering, Ontario

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@leighanna_ww on Instagram

My workout must-haves while I am on the trails hiking and in my Zumba and Soca Dance classes are my FitBit Charge 2 and running shoes. It is so important to have proper footwear and support while doing these activities. My FitBit keeps me motivated to reach my goals.

While I am at the gym, I use my MyZone to track my activity levels and heart rate zones while building my strength with my resistance bands and lifting gloves. Of course, in all activities I always keep my water bottle close-by to ensure I stay hydrated! My Personal Trainer is another must-have, he has built a program for my busy lifestyle that I can do even while not in the club.

I have grown to love fitness and I am so happy I can incorporate all kinds of activity into my life because of my weight loss.

LeighAnna's workout essentials

Shanna, London, Ontario

@shanna82 on Connect

I discovered running in 2012 and it has slowly become one of the most important, and most defining, parts of my life. It is my main exercise, my therapy, a big part of my social life, and it brings me so much joy. 

Other than clothing (which varies greatly depending on the weather) some of my running essentials include my fuel belt and water bottles, a SPI belt (for holding onto my phone as I never run without my phone), reflective gear for running in the dark, a toque for cold days, my Buff to keep me warm in winter and to keep the sun off me in the summer, my beloved Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS watch, the all important properly fitting shoes, gum, and, if I am running 15km or more - Clif Shot Bloks, dates, and pretzels in case I need some energy and sodium. Happy trails! 

Shanna's workout essentials

Victoria, Welland, Ontario

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@weight_wise_with_ww on Instagram

Loud music, proper shoes, workout gear, water, and a snack! Most importantly it's the energy brought by two of my favorite girls! If it wasn't for Rhonda (right) and her constant encouragement, motivation, and friendship I wouldn't be as successful as I am!

Victoria's workout essentials