Healthy Weeknight Dinners

We’ve got you covered from Monday to Friday with healthy dinner ideas.
Published June 22, 2017

When it comes to healthy eating, weekends are the easy part. You can spend Saturday and Sunday shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking three balanced meals a day. But once Monday rolls around, it can become a bit of a disaster.

Some nights you’ll be Gung-Ho about making a healthy dinner, but most nights you’re tired, not particularly motivated, and rely on either leftovers or takeout. Not great options to say the least. Thanks to Weight Watchers, this doesn’t have to continue.

Here are 5 Easy-To-Make Weeknight Meals to help you get to the weekend.


Rainbow Vegetable Biryani

This is a great dinner recipe to kick off the week. It’s light, fresh, and if you make enough, you can bring some for lunch the next day.


Baja-Style Fish Tacos with Salad and Chili-Lime Sauce

Healthy meal choices don’t mean bland or tasteless, think of this recipe as a Tuesday treat.


Instant Couscous-Chickpea Soup For One

It’s the middle of the week, you’re tired, and you don’t want to be bothered with anything complicated. No problem.


Freekeh Salad with Chicken, Peaches and Tarragon

Thursday is the perfect night to have a light, balanced dinner to help you recharge and get ready for the next day.


Tricolor Fettuccine Alfredo

Woo Hoo! You made it to Friday! You know what goes great with an end-of-the-week dinner? How about an end-of-the-week glass of wine?