About WWC | WW Canada

Our purpose:

We inspire healthy habits for real life.

For people, families, communities, the world—for everyone. 
As we bring that purpose to life, we’re excited to share some news with you!

Impact is part of our heritage—yet our greatest potential lies ahead of us.

Wellness that works  

WW is getting better! For our members only, we’re launching some exciting new features – all free with a WW membership! Along with our expertise in weight management, we’re expanding our offering to help people on their broader wellness journey.

A partnership with Headspace  

Just for WW members, this partnership gives you access to mini moments of meditation. These snack-sized guided experiences will help you feel calm, happy (and sleep better, too!).

Learn more about our program

Find other members like you with Connect Groups

This in-app feature allows you to find and join groups based on your interests, journey, or hobbies – creating a community of support and encouragement, along with helpful tips and advice from other members!

FitPoints that work harder to help you reach your goals

FitPoints 2.0 is smarter and more personalized, taking into account your age, sex and weight, and rewarding you for the activities that move you most.

Curated fitness content

We’ve partnered with Aaptiv to get WW members exclusive access to premium guided audio fitness experiences, available with your WW membership.

Track. Win. Repeat.

We're launching a one-of-a-kind rewards program that recognizes and inspires members as they build healthy habits. WW is turning the everyday steps in your journey into “Wins” that can be redeemed for products and experiences.

We do more good in the world.

Our goal is to democratize wellness, making it accessible to all. That’s why we believe it’s so important to create ways for underserved communities to access what they need in order to build healthy habits. Our global community impact program, WW Good, exists to bring better health to everyone, without barriers. Learn more about WW Good.