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Photo of Tuna Sweet Chilli Wrap by WW

Tuna Sweet Chilli Wrap


Meal Items

wholemeal tortilla

50 g

tuna, canned in springwater, drained

1 95g can

red onion

¼ small, (2tsp), finely chopped


¼ small, (1tbs), diced

cos lettuce

½ cup(s), (30g)

extra light cheddar cheese

40 g, grated

red capsicum

¼ small, sliced

sweet chilli sauce

1 tsp


Preheat sandwich press. Place a 50g wholemeal tortilla on a flat surface. Top with 95g can tuna in springwater (drained), 2 tsp finely chopped red onion, 1 tbs diced tomato, ½ cup shredded cos lettuce leaves (30g), 2 tbs reduced-fat grated tasty cheese, ¼ small red capsicum (sliced) and 1 tsp sweet chilli sauce. Roll tortilla to enclose filling. Toast, seam-side down, for 2–3 minutes until golden and crisp.