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What real-life members are saying about PersonalPoints

Keen to know what WW members think about the new program? We asked our members to share their thoughts on the PersonalPoints Program in our member community Connect. Here are their honest comments!
Published 16 February 2022

Life is complicated - losing weight shouldn’t be. We’re simplifying the program.

We have simplifed our proven program to make it easier for members to follow to achieve their weight loss goals.

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But first! Here’s a recap on how PersonalPoints works

You’ll get a truly personalised program

When you join WW, we take you through a food and lifestyle assessment and our PersonalPoints Engine creates a unique plan for you. You'll receive a PersonalPoints Budget and a personalised ZeroPoint foods list which includes foods like avocado, salmon, eggs and more! These are your go-to foods that don't need to be measured or tracked, plus they help you build a healthy and sustainable eating pattern.

PersonalPoints is our smartest food innovation ever

Over the last two years, our dietitians and science team have researched the latest nutrition science while testing PersonalPoints via clinical trials. The updated Points algorithm nudges you toward foods that are higher in fibre, protein and unsaturated fats, and lower in added sugars and saturated fats, making PersonalPoints a trusted way to make the best decisions on what to eat for your Budget.

We’ll help healthy habits become second nature

To encourage you to repeat healthy habits daily, for the first time ever you can grow your Budget! Drinking 7 cups (1.75 liters) of water a day will add 1 Point to your Budget, plus, you’ll add 1 Point for every cup of non-starchy veggies you eat in your day (eg; carrots, broccoli or mixed salad leaves). Best of all, there’s no limit to how many Points you can add to your day through exercise. The more you move, the more you can grow your Budget for extra flexibility.

Our app has everything you need your on you journey

Our WW app has had a revamp! It’s looking fresh and ready to help you every step of the way. From taking you through your assessment to helping you track your food, fitness, sleep and water, you’ll also find on-demand workouts and guided meditations that you can follow from anywhere. You can chat to a WW coach, read helpful articles and tips, plus connect with fellow members in our Connect community.

So, what do members in Connect say about the PersonalPoints Program?

I enjoy the fact that you have the choice of what your ZeroPoint foods are so it suits your eating habits, while steering you away from sugary processed foods. If you're not confident about portion control you don't have to choose them either. It's your personal choice. I've just been diagnosed with high cholesterol so the fact that I can incorporate oats, legumes, avocado, sweet potato and almonds in my diet, which are recommended to reduce your cholesterol, and still stay within my Points is a win win situation.

WW member ‘slimtastic60’

I love the fact that it’s shaken me up! I was on a 3 month plateau but after my 3rd week on the PersonalPoints Program, I’ve reached my goal! Just what I needed.

WW member ‘rosiemclean’

Meals are so easy to track! And we add Points for drinking water and eating veggies, how good is that! After two weeks I’ve lost 2.3 kilos. Still a long way to go but I’m feeling very optimistic!❤️

WW member ‘Giulia308’

I love that I can have a Points-neutral meal where I can add points with non-starchy veggies to cancel out the Points from the salmon or tuna. It is definitely pushing me towards eating more vegetables.

WW member ‘leadermaria’

I didn't think it would make much difference to my weight loss having plateaued for months just 2 kg above goal. But 2 weeks in I have had 2 losses in a row. Miracle. So excited!

WW member ‘andreawestcott’

ZeroPoint oats means that I can have a low Point breakfast and have more Points to use for the rest of the day!

WW member ‘maree28034’

It feels more like ‘everyday life’ than ‘diet life’. I can go out for dinner every Friday with my family without stressing because I have set my program in such a way that I can absolutely budget for it.

WW member ‘sewandsteady’

I was confused at first but once I started tracking and understanding more about how it works, I'm enjoying it. As someone who struggles with fruit and veggies, it is making me consciously add more and more of this into my diet which is fantastic 🙂

WW member ‘Pinkgiraffe14’

I enjoy the way WW keeps reinventing the program to better suit our personal needs. I know WW has done a lot of research on this and I feel it is getting people to move more, eat more fibre and drink more water white adding Points. Well done WW.

WW member ‘courgsden’

EVERYTHING! I know, be more specific. Choosing your own zero points. Variety. Recipes. EVERYTHING!

WW member ‘Sharon-in-qld’

The ability to add Points by eating vegetables, drinking water and doing exercise!

WW member ‘Grace25914’

I'm a Lifetime Member at goal and loving PersonalPoints! It's wonderful for members to incentivise healthy habits of drinking water, eating veggies and exercise! My preference is to track all my food as I've been weighing my portions for years now. I've maintained my 52kg weight loss for over 2 years and couldn't be happier. I'm stronger and fitter than ever!

WW member ‘2begin2018’

I love it! It has made me more accountable with my exercise and drinking water. I have always loved my vegetables but I love the fact we can now add Points to our Budget. I have been with WW 2 years and apart from the first year it has been a rare occasion where I have had 2 losses in a row. Nearly 3 weeks in with my weigh-ins I’ve had 3 consequent losses in a row. Weigh-in again tomorrow and I feel like I’ve had another loss but even if I don’t, I’m still happy as I’m so much fitter with the exercise.

WW member ‘Loveofmyself6453’

Adding Points for intake of water, vegetables and undertaking exercise are great motivators. I’m adding veggies to my breakfast because of the positive reinforcement. 😊

WW member ‘b3arsmum26’

I’ve been dipping in and out of WW since 2004. I think PersonalPoints is the best program yet! I love the focus on eating more veggies and that the whole composition of food is taken into account when pointed. I find it easy to follow and makes lots of sense for me.

WW member ‘Reannonhope’

I love the focus on “just eat real food”. Eating whole foods in all their glory with all the fibre and vitamins. I feel like with all the fresh vegetables and water that my skin is looking better.

WW member ‘Tenletterusername’

I think the PersonalPoints Program is the best program yet! I was on the pilot program for it so I have been doing it for a few months now and I have lost most weeks. I’m a LTM at goal and my maintenance is much easier now. Nice work WW!

WW member ‘Karengardner82’