Meal builders: Soup

Meals in a bowl are warming and satisfying.
Published December 4, 2017

Pick one
chicken broth 1 cup reduced-sodium
chicken broth

0 SmartPoints
vegetable broth 1 cup fat free
vegetable broth

0 SmartPoints


Stir in a few...
bulgur 1/2 cup cooked bulgur
2 SmartPoints
whole wheat macaroni

1/2 cup cooked whole-wheat macaroni
2 SmartPoints

black beans Canned black beans
0 SmartPoints
chicken Cubed chicken breast
0 SmartPoints
shrimp Steamed shrimp
0 SmartPoints
peppers and onions Frozen, thawed peppers and onions
0 SmartPoints
broccoli slaw Broccoli slaw mix
0 SmartPoints
tomatoes Canned seasoned diced tomatoes
0 SmartPoints
spinach Baby spinach leaves
0 SmartPoints


Boost the flavor
hot sauce Hot sauce  
0 SmartPoints
fresh herbs Fresh herbs
0 SmartPoints
oregano Dried seasonings
0 SmartPoints
scallion Chopped scallions
0 SmartPoints

We made Italian chicken noodle soup with these ingredients:

  • 1 c reduced-sodium chicken broth

  • Canned, seasoned diced tomatoes

  • 1/2 cup cooked whole-wheat pasta

  • 3 oz cubed cooked chicken breast

  • Fresh herbs

  • Chopped scallions


Other ideas to try
  • Canned diced tomatoes come in several varieties—choose fire-roasted to turn up the heat.

  • Shred cooked chicken breasts instead of chopping them for a different texture.

  • Look for mushroom broth as a nice change from regular vegetable broth.

  • If you can't find broccoli slaw mix, opt for packaged coleslaw mix instead.