Vicky Pattison joins the WW Family As New Brand Ambassador

Following her toughest year ever, Vicky joins WW with her Mum, Caroll, to embark on their wellness journey together

LONDON, 6 th JANUARY 2020 – Today, WW – Weight Watchers Reimagined – announced that much-loved British television personality, Vicky Pattison, is joining as a new WW brand ambassador. Vicky will be following the programme with her mum Caroll, and will join the wider WW family alongside Alison Hammond, Robbie Williams and Curtis Pritchard. After a difficult year, Vicky will be starting the programme to build healthy habits and has made a commitment to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Vicky and her mum will embark on their weight-loss and wellness journey together so they can help motivate and inspire each other. Findings from WW research has revealed people lose up to 14% more weight when they join with a loved one. Vicky commented: “My WW journey is starting at the perfect time and I’m hoping that it will give me the fresh start that I need. I was recently told that my previous lifestyle was not actually healthy for me and was shocked to learn it was having an impact on my fertility. For me, joining WW is not just about being a certain size, but it’s about being healthy and giving my body a fighting chance so I can hopefully have kids one day.” The WW programme will also give Vicky the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all the foods she loves. Vicky comments: “I’ve always loved food in a big way, but it hasn’t been the healthiest of relationships and I have a tendency to overindulge when I am not feeling confident or happy. Other times, I have really restricted myself and worried about my food choices - I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant and selected what I wanted from the menu. I don’t want to have this unhealthy mindset anymore – life is for living and the reason I’ve joined the WW programme is because it’s not super restrictive, so it means I don’t need to give up things I love.”

Vicky continues: “Having someone to support you through a lifestyle change plays a big part in this, which is why my incredible Mum, Caroll, will be joining me on my WW journey. This year, we’re going to be putting our energy into feeling fitter and healthier than ever from the inside out, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same with their loved ones along the way.”

Caroll added: “Vicky and I are really excited to be starting our WW journey together. Vicky and I are really close and I just want to be there for her and to help her reach her weight loss and wellness goals. No one knows better than me that Vicky has had her struggles, but when she is feeling her healthiest and happiest, she can take anything life throws at her.

She continued: “I know that my support will enable her to get the best out of this experience and will hopefully create a positive and healthy environment for Vicky to lay the foundations for a very exciting future, whatever that may hold.”

Vicky is also passionate about empowering women and helping them become the best versions of themselves by focusing more on what their bodies can do rather than how they look.

Vicky said: “Women have to stop being made to feel that they hate their bodies because they aren’t a certain size. This negative cycle has to end somewhere, and I want to inspire other women to shift their thinking away from a negative body image and towards creating a positive and loving relationship with their bodies.”

Jemma Banks, Marketing Director, WW, commented; “We are delighted to welcome Vicky and Caroll Pattison to the family and know that their combined positive energy and mindsets will inspire others. We’re really pleased Vicky is able to work towards her goals alongside her biggest support, her Mum. We hope to show how you can be better together when embarking on a wellness journey with the support of someone you love, and ultimately inspire and motivate people to lose weight and get healthier.”

The new myWW programme is the most customised weight-loss programme ever. Driven by science and behavioural insights, it offers more flexibility and freedom than ever before. myWW is comprised of three options – purple for people who prefer to cook from scratch, green for people who enjoy eating out and blue for those who like a bit of both! All options are rooted in WW’s award-winning and scientifically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition, grounded in the SmartPoints® system and ZeroPoint™ foods.

WW’s SmartPoints system takes complex nutritional data and boils it down to one simple, easy-to-understand number. ZeroPoint foods don’t have to be weighed, measured, or tracked, and form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern with a low risk of overeating. WW offers Online WW Coach available via the WW app will also be there for support whenever she needs it, 24 hours a day. Vicky Pattison will document her experience on the WW programme on her social channels, while travelling and during everyday life at home. To stay connected to her journey on WW, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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