Vegan food products from WW (the new Weight Watchers)

Following a vegan diet on WW is easier than you think!

Are you wondering what vegan food you can eat on WW?

The beauty of the WW Freestyle™ programme is its flexibility and liveability. It's easy to follow any diet plan on WW, whether you're looking to go low-carb, high protein or start eating more Mediterranean style meals, and here's the proof.

This includes a vegan diet, of course, but don't just take it from us - check out Elisha's blog about being a WW vegan

Scroll to the bottom of the page for vegan recipe collections, and watch the video below to see what vegan products we offer in the WW shop.

All of our food products are free from artificial colourings, sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives, making it even easier to build healthy habits into your lifestyle. You can find the SmartPoints® values on the back of the pack.