Motsi Mabuse and Josie Gibson join the WW ambassador family

Published 10 February, 2021
  • Strictly Come Dancing’s Motsi Mabuse and This Morning’s Josie Gibson join the WW (WeightWatchers) family, hot on the heels of James Corden who was announced on New Year’s Day
  • WW’s new campaign, #ResolutionsRewritten, encourages people to make 2021 their most positive and healthy year yet

LONDON (4TH JANUARY 2021, 00:00am) - Today, WW - WeightWatchers - announced much-loved TV personalities, Josie Gibson and Motsi Mabuse, have joined the WW Family as new ambassadors, launching the #WWResolutionsRewritten campaign to kickstart 2021 in a positive way and get their health back on track. And they’re in good company - James Corden, was announced as a global brand ambassador over the weekend.

#WWResolutionsRewritten encourages people to think about and share how they plan to make 2021 a really positive year, starting with a renewed focus on health and wellbeing.

Since the birth of her son two years ago, Josie has steadily gained weight, pointing to her lack of sleep, a vicious cycle of tiredness and junk food as the main causes. Motsi - who has a two year old daughter, has also turned to WW to get her wellness back on track after becoming a mum.

Josie comments on the reason she joined WW, “WW is a new way of approaching my wellbeing. I need a lifestyle change - I’ve got a two year old so I don’t sleep a lot and I’ve got myself in a pattern where when I’m tired I eat rubbish food.” She continues: “I need more structure but one that fits with my busy lifestyle. I know if I am following WW and tracking my food, sleep and activity, I will feel more accountable. My sleep is the one thing I really want to tackle first. My son runs so fast now that I struggle to keep up with him. I want to be one of those mums that wins the school race, not the one lagging behind!”

"I think for everybody, 2020 has been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions. My health and wellbeing haven’t been a priority. I walk past the mirror and don’t even recognise myself at the moment, because my weight has crept up again. Body-wise I don’t think I’ve been too good to myself, but I can change. I just want to feel a bit sexy again.”

Alongside Josie, Strictly Come Dancing’s Motsi Mabuse explains her reasons for joining WW: “It took me a while after pregnancy to get my body back,” she says. “The most important thing is not to put pressure on yourself to lose weight quickly after the birth. Each body and feel-good weight is different. Every woman should do what is right for her. At WW, I decide the rate at which I want to lose weight. It’s ideal for mothers, because having a baby tends to turn your life upside down.”

Motsi thinks it is essential for new mums to plan ahead. “Since my daughter was born, I have less time and she is my priority. I plan my meals and keep an eye on everything with the help of the WW app.”

As a qualified personal trainer and an advanced nutrition advisor, Josie knows what it is she needs to do to look after herself but the stress and sleep deprivation impacts her mood and ultimately her diet and weight.

Talking about what she’s looking forward to the most, she comments again: “I love the idea of an app where everything is in your pocket. I know it can work when you pull mindset, activity, nutrition together so I want to have it all there in one place and want to start caring again."

Josie is looking forward to the support and structure WW provides, not only through its WW app for meal planning, recipe inspiration, mindset support and health and fitness advice but also the coaching aspect.

Anna Hill, General Manager, WW UK, comments: “We are really encouraging people to start 2021 in a positive way. 2020 is finally behind us and this is our opportunity to prioritise our health and have a more positive year. We really welcome Josie and Motsi to our family at a time when our members need us more than ever before. We believe they will truly inspire our members on their weight loss and wellness journeys in 2021 and we are looking forward to supporting and watching them achieve their own goals.”

Research from WW shows that 30% of Brits want to ‘be a healthier person’ after the lockdowns of 2020, and 83% are looking for ‘help with their wellness journey’. A new start in 2021 is just the excuse we all need to change things, take matters into our own hands and focus on a brighter year with wellbeing front and centre.