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Your own personal trainer—free in the WW app

Welcome to WW x Aaptiv

At WW, we know that activity is a key part of your wellness journey. That’s why we’ve partnered with Aaptiv, the leader in audio fitness instruction, to help you move more—when, where, and how you want to.  

To use WW x Aaptiv, simply open your WW app and choose a workout (they range from walking to strength training). Tap “play” and the expert-led audio guides you, step by step, through WW-exclusive routines. 

To get started:

  • Update your WW app

    To use WW x Aaptiv, you'll need to update your app. Then, scroll to the bottom of "My Day," look for WW x Aaptiv, and tap to access the workouts.

  • Choose a workout

    We’ve got great options, whether you’ve been exercising regularly or are just getting started.

  • Get moving!

    Your Aaptiv coach explains how to warm up, talks you through proper form, tells you when to pick up the pace, and cheers you on.


Want more? Get a free 45-day trial, just for WW members*


If you love working out with WW x Aaptiv, you can unlock the full Aaptiv experience, featuring over 2,500 audio workouts.

*Aaptiv subscription free trial terms: Enjoy the benefits of the full Aaptiv experience for 45 days. Cancel any time during the trial period. At the end of your trial, you will be automatically subscribed to Aaptiv at its standard annual rate ($99.99/year + applicable taxes).