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Welcome to WW X Headspace

At WW, we know that how you think drives the things you do. That’s why we’ve partnered with Headspace, a leader in meditation and mindfulness, to help put you in the moment with curated content, right in the WW app.

How WW x Headspace works

Open your WW app and scroll to the bottom of My Day to find the WW x Headspace content (look for the orange circle). Tap to open, and choose an introductory video or jump right in to one of the meditations. You can begin with mediation basics, or one of the specific techniques.

Why meditation?

The benefits are proven: Meditation can reduce stress, increase focus and create the right conditions for a good night’s sleep. It also makes you more aware of your thoughts and feelings; that’s called mindfulness, and it’s a powerful way to shift your mindset to help you reach your goals. Simply put, meditation is a healthy behavior, and Headspace makes it easier.

Get started

1. Choose a technique
From the WW app, you can start with meditation basics or a specific technique to reduce stress, eat mindfully or fall asleep. They’re all short and simple to fit into your busy schedule.  

2. Get a free 30-day trial*
Want even more Headspace? Our partnership lets you unlock a free trial of their full experience—800 hours of meditation techniques to help with everything from anxiety and anger to productivity and focus. Use it to live your life mindfully.  

Slow down and nourish your mind


Update your app today


*Free trial terms. Enjoy the benefits of the full Headspace experience for 30 days. You will be automatically subscribed to Headspace at their standard monthly rate ($12.99 + applicable taxes) unless you cancel before the free trial period ends.