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Table Talk

Table Talk is a podcast series featuring conversations with real WW Canada members. Take a seat at our table and listen as we chat about their wellness journeys, their best tips and advice for success, and learn how WW has changed their lives forever.

Episode 4:
Half My Size

This quarantine edition episode features Ashlee Vanzetta or @ww_ashamalee on Instagram. We chat about the 150lbs Ashlee lost that led her to getting skin removal surgery, and how she had to overcome the idea that cooking for herself was a “chore.”


Episode 3:
Wellness Warriors

This episode features Jean-Luc and Nick or @WWGays on Facebook. We chat about the couple's courageous uphill battle with obesity, health and self worth.


Episode 2:
The Incredible Huk

This episode features Bill Huk or @bbhuk96 @yahoo.ca on Connect. We chat about Bill's passion for food, his 361 pound life and how he lost 160lbs in less than two years.


Episode 1:
Maintaining Mayhem

This episode features Ashley Ferland or @ww.maintaining.mayhem on Instagram. We chat about the challenges of being in maintenance mode from being a mom of two to travelling.


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