WW + Swiss Chalet 2021 | Healthy Selections with SmartPoints

WW + Swiss Chalet®

A new Healthy Selections menu offers up better-for-you choices, complete with PersonalPoints® values.

Inspiring Healthy Habits for real life

WW meets you where you are. WW is made for real life, and real life includes eating out. WW has partnered with Swiss Chalet® to showcase the restaurant’s healthiest menu choices, making it easier than ever to make dining out choices that work for your lifestyle.

Your favourites are still on the menu

WW means that everything is still on the menu, including your Swiss Chalet® favourites!

Helping you make healthier choices

From the classic quarter chicken dinner to white meat on a kaiser, the team at WW has curated a selection of Canada's favourite Swiss Chalet® entrees - with your PersonalPoints® budget in mind. Whether you are a white meat fan or opt for dark, there is something for everyone on the Healthy Selections menu.

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