Edmonton, Alberta
Published January 2, 2018

My name is Theresa. I am a mom of five beautiful kids and a wife to Jordan who is also on this Weight Watchers journey with me.

Weight Watchers has played a big part of my life now for more than 12 years. My weight is something I've struggled with off and on most of my life. But nothing became a big issue for me until I started having babies. I'm one of the blessed ones who gains a lot of weight during pregnancy.  I have gained 60- 100 lbs with each pregnancy. And with Weight Watchers, I have managed to lose the weight after each baby.

My youngest is now 15 months and I'm so happy to be at goal weight and maintaining! The Connect community and my meetings have been such an important part of my journey. 

Some days it feels like I spend most of my time in the kitchen… with five kids I guess this shouldn't be a surprise! I'm grateful that I usually enjoy cooking. I'm not a big planner as I love just being inspired by what's in my fridge, pantry and what's seasonal.

Now that we have so many zero Points® food options, thanks to WW Freestyle, I feel like a whole world has opened up for me!

For me, fitness is often being active as a family. Snow falls early in Alberta, so outside activities with the family is essential. Last year I did a lot of standing on the sidelines because I would feel immediately out of breath and tired; carrying 50 extra pounds will do that!  This year I am enjoying being right there participating in life!

Weight Watchers has helped me to be an active participant in my own life! I don't have to sit on the sidelines, wishing I was a part of things.

I can keep up with my five kids and have confidence in knowing I am modeling healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle for them as well.  Most importantly, my girls know that strong is beautiful and food is not a reward or a band aid, but energy to fuel our bodies.