Learn how Nalini made the switch from Online to Meetings, and how community has helped her stay on track.
Published August 22, 2017

Nalini, a previous online member and returning meetings member talks about her experience on the program.

How have you found the difference between Online and Meetings?

The accountability at meetings, knowing that you have to show up,  and there are people there waiting on you, your accountable to them, it’s definitely helped with staying on track and pushing myself a lot more.

 What motivated you to join the program?

I liked that it’s an actual lifestyle change as a whole, as opposed to; eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner; work out five times a week. It’s actually doable; you can incorporate it into your actual lifestyle.

Was there a specific turning point in your mind?

I did try to follow some diets, and then if I had a bad day, or a bad week I would just basically  overeat everything. And then with Weight Watchers, you can eat everything in moderation, which I like, and still lose weight. So that was a turning point for me where I realized that it can’t just be a diet, it has to change your whole life.

What are some challenges you have faced?

Working out; I always thought it had to be ‘go hard or go home,’ and do all this crazy stuff. I’m doing stuff that I enjoy now, like dancing, hiking, and gardening, so I think that has been an obstacle that I have overcome, for sure. I am a lot more active.

What surprised you most about food on the program?

That noting is off limits, which is great because if someone has a birthday, you can have a small slice of cake, it’s all how you use your points.

What’s your go-to low SmartPoints snack food?

Bananas – they’re zero!

 What’s an indulgence that you permit yourself?

 Carrot cake – it’s so good.

What’s a meeting room experience like?

First you walk in, you weigh in, and before the meeting starts, everyone kind of converses a bit and the leader asks how everyone’s week was, were there any struggles? It’s nice because you get rewarded and noticed for your efforts. I’m more of a listener, I like to take in that information and contribute as much as I feel necessary.

Would you say that you are able to go at your own pace in the meeting room?

Absolutely – I don’t feel pressured at all.

Can you describe the role of community in your weight loss journey?

I have found with Weight Watchers that there is a really big community and it is really nice because people actually kind of look out for each other. So, I’m on Connect, but I am also on Instagram so we can ask each other questions and we really support each other. It’s nice to be able to reach out and say, ‘hey, I’m going through this right now, what would you suggest?’ and it’s been very helpful because you don’t feel as alone.

If you feel off track, what’s a reliable, go to meal or food that sets you back on track?

Egg whites with broccoli and spinach; its very filling. It sounds weird, but it fills me up where I don’t feel the need to eat something sugary or starchy.