Toronto, Ontario
Published November 28, 2016

"My decision to join Weight Watchers has changed my outlook on food and the relationship I have with myself."

Hi Weight Watchers Canada!

I am so happy and honoured to have you join in my day! I am looking forward to exchanging some stories, tips, comments and support.

My name is Gail and Weight Watchers has changed my relationship with food and my relationship with myself! I struggled with my weight and my self-esteem for most of my life. It got worse when I stopped smoking 6 years ago as I put on even more weight. I felt overwhelmed and alone in my struggle.

One day I thought “enough is enough!” I made a decision that something had to change and that week I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting room. It was a hard decision, but being overweight was also hard. That was four years and 68 lbs ago.

Rain or shine

My weekday mornings start with my cute buddy Hercules. Come rain, shine or snow we are out for about an hour on our morning walk. It took me a long time to embrace activity and fit it into my daily routine, but I eventually did! Having suffered a recent setback with my back I was told I could not do my usual Zumba, yoga, and running for a while. That was really demoralizing to me. However I came to realize that I am lucky to still be able to go on my dog walks and incorporating my physiotherapy exercises - generally, just moving as much as I can each day is what really counts!

Snacks on hand

I have come to understand a lot about myself through the WW program. The most important thing for me is to be in control of my choices. I need to have my food (mostly) prepared and my snacks on hand, always! I have realized I need to snack throughout the day and do not make good choices when I am hungry. I do my main food prep on a Sunday and have easy grab bags of snacks that I always carry with me in what my hubby fondly calls my “feed bag”. I have several “feed bags” and don’t leave home without one, haha.

Sharing a laugh

My Friday Weight Watchers Meetings are my motivation, my fulfillment and my inspiration. I still have challenges that crop up and old habits that die hard! My Friday meeting keeps me accountable and in touch with myself. Even though I have been a lifetime member at goal for 3 years I know that the meetings are what keep me on track. It is the “me time” I need! I look forward to seeing my fab leader and all the other amazing and inspirational members. We swap stories and share a laugh.

Getting to know yourself

My decision to join Weight Watchers has changed my outlook on food and the relationship I have with myself. To be able to live life without feeling like you are on a “diet” and that you have to “deny” yourself certain foods or drinks is empowering.

To me, Weight Watchers is about balance and learning to know yourself. It works and is easy to incorporate into your life. I would (and do) recommend the plan to anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change and who wants to be healthier - you won’t regret it! 

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