Learn how Danielle has seen success on the program, by making small, easy changes to her life.
Published August 22, 2017

Danielle, a member since 2016 talks about her experience on the program.

What motivated you to join the program?

I felt tired of being unhappy with how I looked and finally wanted to do something about it. I had a really good friend of mine who had great success on the program and I thought if someone like me can find success on this program then I can too.

What surprised you most about the program?

My life hasn’t changed. I’m still the same person, I spend my time the same way go out with my friends, party with my friends, but I’ve lost 20 lbs without changing who I am. It works, and if you follow the program you will succeed.

How has the program changed you, beyond the scale?

I feel really proud of everything that I have accomplished because every pound that I gained was my doing, but every pound that I have lost is also my doing and that’s entirely in my hands, every decision that I make, every single day leads me to today and to know that is all from actions that I am taking intentionally and finding that success makes me feel really proud.

What kinds of foods do you eat on the program?

I eat way more fruits and vegetables than I used to, but I haven’t changed my diet dramatically, I just am more aware of how much I am eating or how frequently I am eating but I definitely  eat more healthily, more intentionally.

What’s an indulgence that you still permit yourself?

Drinking wine with friends, or going out and having a big night out for birthdays, I absolutely still do that.

What’s your go-to low SmartPoints snack?

 I have a couple. Fruit – cut up fruit especially when it’s in season in the summer is something I enjoy eating. It’s something I never thought I would think of it as a yummy snack .

How do you stay active?

I’m a runner so I generally run three times a week and I do races throughout the year. I also do high-intensity workouts at a gym and I do yoga.

How did you find the right activity?

It had to be something I enjoy doing, because I used to hate exercising. I did it because I was gaining weight and at least exercise was at least slowing the weight gain but now it’s about mainlining a lifestyle that I enjoy and doing things that I think are fun.

What is a meeting actually like?

A meeting is like a place to spend some time once a week with people who know what you are going through. In a tough week it’s at least being accountable at least one time that week. Kind of coming face-to-face with any decisions that you have made that haven’t been great. In a good week, it’s a place where you can celebrate those accomplishments with people who actually understand. Because your friends support you, and your family supports you, but they don’t actually understand the details of what it’s like to be on Weight Watchers and decisions that you make and the obstacles that you face, but there is nothing that I have said in a meeting that someone else hasn’t agreed with.

What’s the role of community in your weight loss journey?

Knowing that you are not the first person or the only person to go through what you are going through is huge. Losing weight, completely on my own, I don’t think I would feel as accountable as I do, and I wouldn’t have as many resources. Little tips, foods, recipes, new ways of trying new foods, things to eat and just knowing that when I have had a really bad set back that that’s ok, that everyone has setbacks, and that everyone also has accomplishments as well and that is just a part of the journey.

How has tracking helped you with your weight loss journey?

Tracking is where it all comes together. I have had times where maybe I have eaten something and I haven’t felt so great about that choice, and then I think “oh the day is over – were done, I’ve ruined this whole day” but once you track it, it just puts everything into perspective. Like, “it didn’t totally derail things, so own that choice and move on.” Or it helps from the perspective that, maybe that choice wasn’t so great, so just make better choices the rest of this day, or the rest of this week. For me it’s the perspective.