Photo of Spritzy Piña Colada by WW

Spritzy Piña Colada

3 - 4
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
2 min
2 min
This might just be the most refreshing sipper you’ve ever tasted. If you love the flavour of piña coladas but find them to be a little too rich and heavy, this easy riff will be right up your alley. Pineapple-coconut hard seltzer is given some zing with fresh lime juice, then poured into a glass filled with frozen pineapple chunks (look for them with the other frozen fruit in the supermarket). The frozen chunks keep the drink refreshingly cold, and you get the bonus reward of noshing on it when you finish your drink.


Hard-flavoured seltzer

36 fl oz, pineapple-coconut flavour, chilled (3 [12-oz] cans)

Fresh lime juice

2 tbsp(s)

Unsweetened frozen pineapple chunks

2 cup(s)


  1. In a pitcher, stir together the seltzer and lime juice. Place ½ cup pineapple chunks into each of 4 glasses; divide the seltzer mixture evenly among glasses.
  2. Serving size: about 1 ½ cups