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Slow-Cooker Pulled Chicken

Points® value
Total Time
6 hr 20 min
20 min
6 hr
Most of the work for this dish is in the chopping-and-mincing phase.


Canned tomato sauce

1 cup(s), no-salt added

Canned green chili peppers

½ cup(s)

Minced onion

½ cup(s)

Red wine vinegar

3 tbsp(s)


2 tbsp(s), unsulphered

Smoked paprika

2 tbsp(s), smoked

Canned tomato paste

1 tbsp(s), no-salt added

Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp(s)

Chili powder

1 tbsp(s)

Dry mustard

2 tsp(s)

Minced garlic

1 tsp(s)

Ground cloves

¼ tsp(s)

Uncooked boneless skinless chicken thigh

1½ pound(s)

Uncooked boneless skinless chicken breast

1 pound(s)


  1. Stir tomato sauce, chilies, onion, vinegar, molasses, smoked paprika, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, dry mustard, garlic and cloves in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker. Tuck chicken thighs and breasts into sauce, turning to coat.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours, or until meat can be easily shredded with a fork. Do so with two forks, stirring shredded meat into sauce.
  3. Serving size: 1 cup


Want to learn how to turn this chicken into quesadillas, potpie, a casserole or grain salad? Check out this article. Tips, hints and suggestions Unsulphured molasses has a deeper, darker taste because it’s made from mature sugarcanes that don’t need sulfur dioxide as a preservative. Substitute sorghum syrup at will.Even with hot canned green chilies, the pulled chicken may be too mild for your taste. Over the long haul, slow cookers destroy capsaicin, the fiery chemical in chilies. Go with mild chilies in the batch and offer fiery condiments at the table.Alter the presentation here by serving in whole-wheat pita pockets with shredded lettuce, sliced fresh tomatoes and a small dollop of creamy lowfat dressing.The pulled chicken freezes exceptionally well. Store it, tightly sealed, in one- or two-serving containers to be thawed in the fridge and then heated in the microwave on high for 3 or 4 minutes.