Photo of New England Clam Chowder by WW

New England Clam Chowder

Points® value
Total Time
40 min
10 min
30 min
This lightened-up version of the classic is every bit as delicious. Thick and hearty thanks to potatoes and vegetables, and super flavorful from clams and herbs, this chowder is a perfect meal on a chilly day. It's so good that you might want to make a double batch and stash some in the freezer in single-serving containers for a quick and easy meal on a busy day. It's also a versatile recipe, so if you want to give your chowder a summery feel, you can add a cup of fresh sweet corn along with the potatoes, and garnish the soup with sliced fresh basil instead of parsley.


Safflower oil

1 tsp(s), or canola oil

Uncooked turkey bacon

3 slice(s), diced


1 small, finely diced


1 stalk(s), medium

All-purpose flour

3 tbsp(s)

2% reduced fat milk

1 cup(s)

Chicken broth

3½ cup(s)

Uncooked potato

2 medium, peeled and diced

Canned clams

13 oz, chopped and juice

Fresh thyme

1 tsp(s), chopped

Table salt

tsp(s), or to taste

Cayenne pepper

tsp(s), or to taste

Fresh parsley

1 tbsp(s), chopped


  1. Heat oil in large nonstick saucepan over medium heat. Add bacon, onion, and celery; cook, stirring frequently, until bacon has rendered fat and onion is soft, about 6 minutes. Stir in flour; cook, stirring, 1 minute. Very gradually whisk in milk and broth. Bring to simmer, add potatoes, and cook, covered, until potatoes are tender, 10–15 minutes.
  2. Stir in clams with their juice, and thyme. Bring to simmer. Stir in salt and cayenne. Ladle evenly into 4 bowls and garnish with parsley.
  3. Serving size: 2 cups