Celebrating Pride | WW Canada

Celebrating Pride

Identity is an integral part of anyone’s well-being—and that should be yours to define and declare. That’s just one of many reasons we are celebrating Pride month and our LGBTQIA+ community by showcasing our dedicated member resources and charitable partner.

WW Community

Strong Connections

WW is powered by people. The LGBTQIA+ Peer Group on Connect, our in-app social media platform is a safe space to connect with fellow members and explore the WW program with special attention to identity.

Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad is a Canadian charitable organization that helps lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals escape violence and persecution in their home countries.

At WW, we’re committed to help every individual find a home that offers safety and security, no matter who they love. In partnership with Rainbow Railroad, WW Canada is committing $5000 this June to support LGBTQIA+ individuals at risk seeking safety via their programs that support individuals’ unique needs and circumstances to escape persecution and harm.

WW Employees

Pride at Work

Creating a culture of acceptance for WW members starts with WW employees. Here’s how six LGBTQIA+ WW team members define pride, at work and beyond.

“Pride is Inclusive.”

“I feel strongly that everybody should be provided a safe place to be the person that they are. I feel very proud that WW recognizes and celebrates this.”
—B.J. Rycus

“Pride is Change.”

“Pride brings up a lot of conversation and questions. There is power and education in conversations, and they can bring about positive change.”
—Andrea Matheny

“Pride is Authenticity.”

“Being able to not have to think about how you act, think, and present yourself—that’s when you are fully real.”
—Anthony Cozzolino

“Pride is Unafraid.”

“There is freedom in not hiding—and in being seen and valued.”
—Antoine Smith-Rouse

“Pride is Acceptance.”

“Pride has a place for everyone. All identities are welcome.”
—Andrew Greenberg

“Pride is Visibility.”

“Identity is so important to me, as well as being able to live my life authentically. No one should feel invisible. Everyone deserves to be seen and heard.”
—Marvin Smith