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Windsor, Ontario


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"Not only has Weight Watchers made me a better person physically, it has made me a better person mentally and emotionally.

Jennifer's story
Hello! My name is Jennifer and I'm extremely excited and honoured to share my story with you. I'm 39 years old, from Windsor, Ontario, but have been living in Toronto for the past 8 years. I joined Weight Watchers exactly 1 year ago and it was the best decision I've ever made.

It walked a long road before making that decision as I spent years slowly packing on weight and ignoring it. I came to a point where I no longer wanted to go out and was ashamed of how I looked. I had seen others be successful with Weight Watchers, but I always thought that I would be the exception, that it wouldn't work for me. After a friend took a picture of me one day with her new puppy, I was devastated when I saw what I looked like.

The very next day, I thought I would give Weight Watchers a shot, I walked into a centre, signed up and as they say... the rest is history. I can't tell you enough about how this program has changed my life. I have more confidence now than I ever have had. 

Put on your dancing shoes
I do not like working out. It is not my thing... it's boring. I need to have fun so that I don't feel like I'm exercising.

I knew that for me to be successful, I would have to include some kind of activity. I learned quickly that little changes can make a big difference. I invested in a FitBit and quickly realized how little activity I did and I knew that I had to change that. It doesn't help that I sit at a desk all day.

Right away, I made 2 changes. My office is at the end of a plaza, with a mailbox on the other end of the plaza. I split the mail in half and walk it down twice a day. On my way back, I walk behind the plaza and take the long way back. Boom....20 mins of activity added to my day. I also told myself that when I get home from work at 5:00, I cannot sit down until 7:30. I throw some music on and dance around while preparing my dinner, I eat at the counter, clean up and continue dancing around. That may sound weird, but I find it helps...haha. I will then throw on my highest heels and grab my hand weights and just continue to enjoy the music and dance around. The heels give a great workout for the derriere, thighs, and calves.

Jennifer's go-to dinner

I prefer to use the bulk of my SmartPoints for dinner as it keeps me from wanting to snack in the evening. This is one of my go-to meals as it is quick, easy and very tasty.


  1. Take an extra lean turkey burger patty and lay it on a toasted, multi-grain thin bun.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of fat-free mayonnaise and load the rest of the sandwich with your favourite vegetables, like tomato, cucumber, pickles, onions etc.
  3. Pair it up with a salad on the side.

If I find that I've used too many SmartPoints throughout the day, I'll just cut the turkey burger up in bite-sized pieces and throw it in the salad. By eliminating the bun and mayonnaise, it saves me 6 SmartPoints. Gotta love versatility!

Quality time with Bruce

I cherish my alone time whether it is reading a book, taking a nice long bath, watching a movie, snuggling with my cat Bruce or just dancing around like a silly teenager in high heels! I look forward to the times I can be with myself with my own thoughts and ideas. I feel it is so important and healthy to enjoy your own company.

Immeasurable support

Not only has Weight Watchers made me a better person physically, it has made me a better person mentally and emotionally. The support that comes along with this journey is immeasurable. I have one of the greatest leaders I could ask for, and the other members  from my location and across the country really make you see that you're not alone on this journey. It truly is a family.

We support each other through our struggles, celebrate each other's successes and give each other that extra little push when needed. #BeyondtheScale is a lifestyle change. I have a completely different relationship with food. I am so close to goal after losing 54 lb and I've never been more proud. Not only because of the weight loss, but because I stuck with it and didn't quit every time I would fall or have a bad week. It's so important to not beat yourself up when you fall, but to pick yourself up. Tomorrow is another day! I love when someone asks me how I've lost the weight because I can't brag enough about this program.

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