Quiz! What’s your fitness personality?

If you’re keen to start moving more, but don’t know what type of exercise you’ll enjoy, this quiz is for you!
Published November 12, 2017

Your plans are cancelled and you have a free afternoon. Do you…

A. Tidy up, run errands, and deal with life admin
B. Call friends and meet for coffee
C. Feel relieved and snuggle up on the sofa in front of the TV

When you’re stressed, you…

A. Tackle it with a to-do list
B. Vent to your BFF
C. Tuck into something comforting 

After a night out, you spend the next day…

A. Up early as usual, planning your meals and snacks for the day
B. Tagging friends in photos from the night before on Facebook
C. Sleeping in and thinking about which exercise you should try

To boost your mood, you…

A. Think about why you’re down and how you can fix it
B. Listen to upbeat music (and maybe have a boogie)
C. Plan something to look forward to, like a movie night

Your ideal way to spend your day off is…

A. Batch-cooking for the week ahead
B. Shopping and maybe a spot of healthy brunch
C. Trying to relax, catching up on chores, or ferrying the kids around

The results

Mostly As: The Organizer

You’re normally on top of things and always busy. You like to set yourself challenges and make plans you can stick to. Try joining your local gym so you can plan classes or sessions into your schedule, or do the same with online fitness videos.

Mostly Bs: The Socializer

You’re sociable by nature and love going out with friends as often as possible – which means exercising alone can be boring. Try a team sport, such as volleyball, or rope a group of friends into signing up to a Color Run or obstacle course race with you. Bootcamp-style workouts are also a sociable way to work out and meet new people.

Mostly Cs: The Excuse-maker

You tend to be laid-back and love to relax whenever you get a chance. You want to exercise, but find it hard to take that first step. To discover your groove, see whether a local gym or class offers trial sessions – so you can test out a few different workouts to find one you love. Or, give yourself incentives to exercise, such as setting weekly activity targets and treating yourself when you reach them.