Write Yourself a Love Letter

Give yourself the attention and care you deserve
Published February 4, 2016

Dear__________________ ,

Today and every day, I will treat myself as a treasured friend. Each morning, I will (positive thought/action) __________________ to start my day. I’ll remember that I’m good at (talent/skill) __________________ and that my friends say I’m (flattering description) __________________ .
Because I want to take care of myself physically, I plan to (enjoyable physical activity) __________________ today. That, along with eating nutritious, tasty food like (favourite healthy food) __________________ and (favourite healthy food) __________________ , will help me feel good in my skin. But because I know that there’s more to life than eating well and exercising, I’ll also make time for (something you love to do) __________________ , even if it’s for just five minutes a day.

I realize it’s important to be kind to my self even when things aren’t going so well. So the next time I make a mistake, I will (encouraging thought) __________________ . When I face a setback, I won’t (self-destructive action/thought) __________________ , but I will (productive thought) __________________ , which will help me to accept it, change it if I can, and move on.

That will help me live the life I want and deserve!

__________________ .