Why we care about your sleep

It's one more way to help you lose weight!
Published December 29, 2020

Research shows that around the world, people are sleeping less, and less soundly. Today, Dr. Allison explains why getting quality shut-eye might affect the scale and how to get the most out of our Sleep Tracker feature.

Your day 22 guide

Top takeaways:

• Poor quality sleep can alter the hormones that regulate hunger and appetite, and may lead you to eat more snacks and sugary foods than normal.

• When you get the rest you need, it’s easier to eat well, move your body more and stick with an exercise routine, and keep your mood steady.

• Our Sleep Tracker can help you pinpoint your specific sleep roadblocks and adopt habits that solve them. It also sends bedtime reminders to encourage you to stick to a healthy lights-out schedule.