Stay on Track and Enjoy the Season

Yes, you can do both!
Published December 16, 2015

December is a festive time, but we also know it can pose some not-so- merry challenges to your weight-loss plan. Schedules are upended, along with regular mealtimes and workout routines. There are parties abound with sweets and booze. The tantalizing aromas of the food court waft through the mall...

If all this has you worried about how you’ll make it through to the New Year without undoing all your hard work, take heart. Weight Watchers has your back. Just be sure to track your food and activities, attend your meetings, pre-plan meals, and consciously decide what foods are worth the SmartPointsTM

Don’t forget, about our online tools you can call on as well, like 24/7 Expert Chat (find it on your My Day page). Also, if you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to download our mobile app, so wherever the holidays take you, the tracker, tools, recipes, and plan info is at your fingertips.When you need a little inspiration from other members, just tap the Connect icon on the app and get ready to recharge!

Here are three smart ways to make the season bright:

Be realistic
No matter how motivated you are, this can be a tough time to make drastic changes, like starting up a 5-day-a-week cardio plan when you’ve just started walking two days a week. Keep it simple and take small steps toward healthy living: Pack a healthy snack to take with you shopping, for instance. Park farther away at the mall (you won’t be circling and waiting crankily for a space to open up). Send out a hundred cards, host a gingerbread-decorating party, and volunteer to collect for the teacher’s gift? You can’t do it all—and saying “no” can be a healthy choice, too.

Name your game plan
Do you want to maintain your weight through the new year? That can be a victory in itself, and, perhaps, a welcome change from years past! Or maybe you want a little wiggle room, and allow a small, specified gain, so you can enjoy without overdoing. Giving yourself permission to gain a pound or two can help you stay in control. Or you’re gung-ho and still bent on losing; if so, go for it!

Track. Track. Track.
No matter what you plan—to maintain, gain a little, or continue losing—it’s a hallmark of successful members to keep tabs on what they eat and drink. And it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being consistent. But more often you track, the greater your chance of staying the course. And don’t forget to track those BLTs (bites, licks and tastes).

More ways to savour the holidays (hint: make time for yourself!):


Don’t worry, stay happy
Take a friend to lunch, listen to your favourite song, count your blessings, and four more savvy strategies to stay happy during throughout the holiday season.


Have a healthy, happy holiday
At party buffets, fill half your plate with fruit and vegetables. Pass up the store-bought treats; they’re usually not worth it. Stick with good-for-you habits and you’ll greet the new year feeling and looking great.


Merry men (and women)
They’re almost too cute to eat, but you’ll be glad you did. Not too sweet, not too spicy, these Ginger Snap People lend a festive, fun air to your holiday table. Or wrap them as gifts!