Stay On Course

Whether you've had a slip, a setback, or just want to keep moving forward, these strategies will help you stay connected to your plan.
Published May 7, 2017

We all do it—that slight or not-so-slight slide or detour from the plan. We might not track so carefully, or maybe we eat a little more ice cream than we intend to, or we sleep in instead of taking that morning walk. Stuff like that. Whether or not it shows up on the scale, you'll want to course-correct as quickly as you can.

The first step is recognizing that a slip isn't a big deal (or a deal-breaker). That's essential to remember: If you think it is a big deal, you may be more likely to throw in the towel, and a comeback can be harder. Turning things around is a matter of small steps—and mindset shifts. As your Weekly lays it out, looking at a slip from a fresh perspective and giving it a reality check can steer you right back on course. Whether you analyze your reaction to the slip from a factual point of view ("Is it really true that I never stick to my SmartPoints® Budget?") or from a friend's point of view ("You overdid it at one meal—big deal. You can get back on track at your next meal."), you're more likely to arrive at a helpful thought that gets your head and your plan back in the right place.

And then try these simple ideas:

Go back to basics

Make like a newbie again. When you first decided to join Weight Watchers, you probably loaded up on guides to read and lots of fruits and veggies—not to mention a gung-ho attitude. You checked SmartPoints values before eating anything, you tracked every meal and snack, you may have even planned your menus the day before. The excitement of starting something new gives you the drive and motivation to stick with your weight-loss plan. But if you've lost sight of that motivation, revisiting those early-days resources can jump-start your mojo.

Refresh your plan

Don't underestimate the power of shiny new supplies; it's like back-to-school shopping for grownups! Maybe a magnetic notepad for your fridge door to keep a running grocery list of plan-friendly foods. Or perhaps a new pair of running shoes are just what you need to inspire more daily activity.

Would a new cooler tote encourage you to bring more homemade lunches to work instead of hitting fast-food joints? Don't forget the tools you may have on hand already: Maybe you need to dig out your food scale and measuring cups to restore your portions to their rightful size. And renew your friendship with your portable plan, right there in the mobile app on your smartphone.