Six ways to manage Halloween temptations

Top tips to make the most of your SmartPoints budget this Halloween.
Published September 25, 2019

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Halloween candy (hey, that’s what Weeklies are for!), it can be difficult to say no when you feel pressured (or to talk yourself out of it when you’re bored.) The following tips will help you make an empowered choice while simultaneously giving you some distance from your cravings so when you do make the decision to indulge in Halloween treats the experience will be truly enjoyable.


Ask yourself if it’s really worth it


It can be incredibly easy to eat food because it’s sitting in front of you, even if it’s something you’re not particularly fond of. If you absolutely love milk chocolate but aren’t particularly fond of jellybeans pay attention to that preference. Or, if you prefer one type of chocolate bar over another, hold out for the option you’re most fond of. 


Snack mindfully


It’s a well-known phenomenon that eating while you’re distracted can often result in overindulgence, for the simple reason that you aren’t paying attention to the quantity or quality of the food being consumed. Definitely sample some of your favourite Halloween candy, but do so intentionally so that you can enjoy the full sensual experience of something sweet. Avoid eating in front of the TV or the computer when you’re enjoying your favourite candy and make a point to savour it without distraction.


Eat Halloween candy with something complementary yet healthy


It may seem counterintuitive, but eating Halloween treats alongside a healthy snack does a great job in terms of preventing an overindulgence in junk food. Try eating complementary food that contains a filling combination of protein and fat such as a serving of nuts or an ounce of hard cheese (both of which pair well with chocolate.) You can also try eating a satiating salad or bowl of zero SmartPoints soup a half hour before enjoying something sweet from the Halloween candy stash.


Don’t hit the Halloween candy when you’re hungry


Just as going grocery shopping on an empty stomach is an ill-advised activity, munching on Halloween candy when you’re experiencing peak hunger levels is also a bad idea. When you’re hungry and blood sugar levels have dropped it’s natural that your body craves sweets as they’re the best option for quickly and efficiently raising glucose levels. If you suddenly realize you haven’t eaten all day grab some fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese, your blood sugar levels will be restored and will stay elevated for a longer time than if you’d only eaten the Halloween candy.


Pay attention to your mood


Sugar cravings can also be a reaction to changes in hormone activity, specifically serotonin and leptin, which can cause you to seek out sweets and other treats when your mood is low (also known as comfort eating.) If you frequently find yourself craving sugar as a response to stress it may be beneficial to record these events and your feelings at the time in order to recognize patterns in your eating habits.


But above all, when you decide to indulge make sure it’s enjoyable


The Halloween season only comes once a year, including the fun-sized treats which are so much a part of the trick or treating tradition. Although their small size can make it tempting to overindulge, it also makes them incredibly easy to portion out for dessert or as a snack to go with your afternoon cup of tea or coffee. Thanks to the flexibility of the SmartPoints system fitting Halloween treats into your plan is easy (which means you get to enjoy your indulgence guilt-free and with gusto!)